A Folk remedy for quick male enhancement

In the last few years, more and more people to turn to the old experience of the traditional healers in the healers. The main reason is the lack of qualified health workers, characteristics of, as well as the pricing policies of private clinics.

The benefits provided by the non-traditional approach:

  • The performance, tried and tested for centuries. For ten years the people have the means to treat other diseases, in addition to the use of the therapeutic properties of the natural ingredients. With regard to the human race, not only is it not extinct, but continue to rise in power, a claim, it is possible that both of the methods;
  • The safety of the. The natural ingredient is, of course, you can also contra-indications may cause side effects, but it is a much shorter list, a list of the limit specified in the notice, to artificially synthesized drugs.
  • Counter. A lot of medium of both drugs for the prevention of various diseases, claim that it is better to prevent disease than to treat it long-term, do not require evidence;
  • The effectiveness of the. The value of the medicinal plants are lower than for pharmaceutical medications, in because of the interest in the efforts of the first aid kit to complement your most of the herbs, which grow everywhere;
  • Ease-of-use. A lot of the medication intended for drinking, from 1 to 3 times daily in equal doses, do not require a complex therapeutic schemes, in which some smooching;
  • For sustainable results. That the natural components of the work, there should be a time for 3 days, and it won't work, but the effect lasts for a long period of time.

Herbal remedies from the folk medicine as safe, nima effects of the affordable. So easy to cook for yourself. Healers claim to be the best of the potency of the men in the medium of a tea made from the hops, it is recommended to drink an infusion of st. john's, Pasternak.

folk remedies to the power of the

All of these herbs that increase the strength of the men — folk remedies in the media, that has come down to us from the time when the official medicine has not been developed yet. You are the folk remedies of the media, to increase the power of the speed in it:

  • A tea from the hops. Take 10 g (large spoon) dried hop cones, pour a glass of water bring to a boil. Hold in a water bath or in a low heat for 5 minutes. Use each and every day in the morning in the evening in a half a Cup to 2 months old.
  • The decoction of Hypericum. Buy it at the pharmacy the packaging of the dried st. john's wort, pour 2 tbsp. the plants in the 250 ml of boiling water, close the lid. Produce good use of the thermos. After an hour, strain the drink into the drink a meals more throughout the day. St. john's wort helps with circulatory problems, of v, therefore, it is helpful to get an erection.
  • Parsnip. That the herb improves the strength of the in, strengthens the body's immune system in such a way Pasternak infusion is useful to drink from time to time, a particular, even if health problems are noticed. Preparation: 2 tablespoons of dried root to fill in a thermos Cup of boiling water. Two hours later, the prepared infusion. Usually, in the last ⅓ of a Cup for 20 minutes before a meal. A pleasant taste of the drink will add honey or a fruit syrup to taste.

To improve the potency of the men in the folk remedies of the media is achieved by the method. Mix in nuts and honey — delicious for the folks of the effective medium to improve potency. For a delicacy around to Eat as a meal the dessert in to see how male power is returned to you.

Cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, natural cheese body, it also helps to regain sexual function. It is probably in your diet geonet of that food. The milk Purchase of the product, and the mean weight of the fat in the high, the low fat content of the food, which, by the properties of the denied application.

The man is always, it is important that it is in the 'form'.

There are a lot of natural healing products that will quickly restore your potency. Please provide a description of the most effective.

The honey in the walnuts

See, the combination of a surprising ingredient for its range of useful trace elements. Honey works miraculously in male potency, the nut is of a man in a stimulant product. If you want to recover erectile function should be to eat at least 150 grams of walnuts 50 g of honey.


This is a plant that is constantly appearing in the media to increase the effectiveness of the. For a good reason. Not only in the Ginseng increases the blood vessels of the use of the sexual organ the flow of blood into the oxygen, however, it is also a kind of aphrodisiac.

You can make a tincture of the ginseng to himself, buying the powder is dry in england. The cooking is simple: take 1 tablespoon of ginseng in the pour a glass of boiling water. Once the liquid has cooled, strain the drink twice a day, in the morning, in the evening.

Carrot juice

Carrots contain carotene, zinc, that has a qualitative affect on the potency. The carrot juice, it is better to do a La carte, so it is ready to drink only fresh juice. Best effect it is necessary to add 0.5 tsp. the honey is.

Juice and drink three times a day, with 200 ml capacity. the v should be noted, however, warn the experts of this method of recovery of erection: the juice of this you can change the color of the urine. If one of you noticed, the color of the urine – it should not be feared. That's the carrot pigment.


The plant that since ancient times was considered curative. The danes are a widely used add-ons to enhance performance. The nettle is a storehouse of minerals in the vitamins. This herb boosts men not only in libido, but it also cleans the system of toxins in the blockage.

If you drink the soup, the basis of the agenda of the second day, you may feel a burst of energy, vivacity into some of the lightness of the body. Of course, the nettle is also the influence of stimulation of the penis. The elixir For the preparation of a medicinal, you need to take out 1 of the tablespoons of dried nettle pour a glass of boiling water. Drink the decoction after 30 minutes, two times a day.


It has long been used in folk medicine for the prevention of in the treatment of prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate, as well as a raised to the power of men. It is the Main component of zinc, which is the "Saviour" of men. For the preparation of a decoction thyme is a need of 150 grams of dried, not in a pour over with 250 ml of water. Drink the soup throughout the day.

For a fast efficient boost sexual power over three days, you will need to cook up the magic of the drink, some of which stimulate the arousal of the penis. To increase the efficiency of the in a single day is not going to work, but the effect will come very fast.

Aspen bark

The bark, that tree also has this property. First, the effect of anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation, dilates blood are to be found in the wash. In addition, with the proper preparation of the soup, it instantly affects a man's potency.

Cook it wrong, it is almost impossible not to. You need to take a 200 gr. crust (can be purchased at the pharmacy) to pour a liter of boiling water. It is important that the beer and the broth. It is better to stand in a cool place for 30-60 minutes. Drink 100-150 gr. three times a day.


ginger power

This is the root of promotes virility. With the help of this plant you can only improve potency, but also for the prevention of diseases, such as redundancies, adenoma, impotence. This aromatic herb have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

The Cook is very simple. You can just grind the grated root, take 1 tsp. add it to your favorite tea. Also, a great way is to cook the ginger with the honey. In the ratio of 50:50, i.e. 100 grams.

There is another recipe, which, in the opinion of the experienced, you can boost potency in a single day.

White wine

On the basis of an intoxicating drink, create a powerful sexual stimulant, the effect of which is to be observed, that, in half an hour.

The recipe, if you want to buy a liter of wine, add a glass of orange juice in a 0.5 cups of lemon. Then, put in 2 tablespoons. honey, cardamom, mint liqueur 1 tbsp of cocktail makes for a delicious the powerful.

However, there is one note of caution: this elixir is to be heated in the oven (use a microwave oven without boiling. But when it is done, you need to keep within him for a period of three days. A natural stimulator can Then be used directly ahead of sexual intercourse.

We're talking about popular media, legal, to increase the efficiency of the older men in the middle of the year, is to start with the most common ingredients to create healing concoctions in the infusion. Thus the leaves of the herbs into the resulting s iz and the plant.

This is useful for increasing the sexual activities to take account of:

  • Has. The plant, which has a number of important properties, one of which is conductive. If it is used in the infusion helps to stabilize the erectile function. Its required For the preparation of 20 to 30 g of crushed dry raw pour 300 grams of vodka in a charge for up to 1 week in a dark place. Then, a strain in use 10 to 20 drops once a day.
  • Dioica nettle. A common plant with a strong effect. Used To increase the effectiveness of the water infusion. Cook's as simple as 1 tablespoon of raw pour 200 ml of boiled water, to insist 2 hours to drink in 3 divided doses per day. So, you can repeat for two weeks, then it would be desirable to make a week break.
  • The siberian Ginseng in the ginseng. Two of the well-known natural stimulant. The most commonly used is the infusion. For its preparation you need to fill out the 10 g of the crushed material in a single apparatus with 350 ml of liquid honey in a charge for 2 weeks. Then use 20 drops three times a day. A strong influence of the it may be noted months after the 1-2 at start-up.
  • Thyme. Due to the presence of zinc, the magnesium, the plant stimulates spermatogenesis in the growing concentration of testosterone in the blood. In order to achieve a stable result it is necessary to carry out the treatment within a period of six months. Prepare a tincture: 1 tablespoon of dry raw pour a glass of boiling water leave to stand for 2 hours. Drink 3 times a day.
  • The air. It has Its roots a number of unique abilities, among them the stimulation of potency. This property also boasts an alcohol tincture of calamus root. Cook: 40 to 50 g of crushed material pour 200 g of vodka. A tool to insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. Shake well before using. It takes up to 10 drops before each meal for 3-4 months.


With the slight sexual dysfunction, folk media, legal, for the improvement of men's potency, it can function as a primary drug. More severe disease requires an integrated approach where the methods of alternative medicine, the subject is a subsidiary of the.

With the use of the methods of folk medicine, you can:

  • To improve the functioning of the nervous system;
  • If you want to restore the marine environment, and transportation;
  • The production Of the increase of testosterone levels;
  • The elimination of the effects of stress;
  • To strengthen the body's immune defenses;
  • To normalize the metabolism;
  • To strengthen weak erections;
  • To inhibit the inflammatory process in the prostate gland.

Herbal remedies

Herbs, all kinds of fees and charges in the broths, which are based on them, so have always been able to raise the level of men's power to increase the efficiency. There are a few men's products which the partnership is in the 60 + age group. For example, the use of a base, which includes st. john's wort, nettle, clover, sainfoin in an oil – 5 tsp of each.

The herbs are poured a liter of boiled water to stand for at least an hour. The treatment Method is to drink a Cup of infusion per day is fast enough that it is not the reproductive system, improves the condition of BPH.

Herbal, folk media, legal, to increase the efficiency of the for men include gear, prepared on the basis of the following:

  • the dried flowers of the lilac (350 ml boiling water, 15 or, to take a drink for each night);
  • calamus root (chewed to pieces, or a drink in a cup a day of the decoction of 20 gr. the root of the 250 ml of boiling water, a little cooled down);
  • lovage (chopped 20 gr. since the "drug" is added to every day foods);
  • St. john's wort (steeped for a week is 1 part dry herb to 5 parts vodka, three times a day, and 35-40 drops of the improvement;
  • parsley (allow half an hour in a water bath of 50 grams. the greens, in 200 ml of water, and after cooling, it will take 15 ml for not less than 5 times a day).

The men of the Special attention that they want in a "deep", and 50 years of age, for the preservation of sexual integrity, we earn the way to the use of ginseng.

The increase of man's power, the durability, the lasting to keep the strength of the specific tincture:

  1. You will have to make a chopped fresh ginseng root (15 g.), drowning in alcohol or vodka (100 ml).
  2. To infuse the Mixture for a week in a dark cool place on a daily basis, you will need blending into the end – the drain.
  3. To take such popular drugs as soon after the first symptoms of impotence. Daily rate – 100 ft-120 is divided into to three drops at a dose.

Ginger-strong en it is a natural aphrodisiac for men's health. The application is a great way to increase efficiency, normalize the sexual activity and increase libido, but also enhance the body's immune system.

traditional medicine

Alternative medicine provides that the following conditions are true:

  • a tea with ginger powder (mix powder (half a teaspoon) in a Cup of boiling water by infusion into the drink three times a day with lemon and/or honey);
  • the raw pieces of the root;
  • the bath, with the addition of ground ginger;
  • infusion (900 ml of vodka, to take a 400 gr. root in a dark place to infuse for 14 days, occasionally stirring, strain, take times a day for 10 gr.).