Naturally increasing the power of the drug-free

Faced with the difficulties of erection, difficulties in the intimate sphere, men in panic began to take strong pills to improve them. Are there any other safe ways to increase efficiency in order to cope with problems in their sex lives. They require a bit more time consuming, but more effective because of the way they just don't remove any of the external symptoms, but also eliminate the causes of unpleasant circumstances. The term potentiality comes from the Latin word "power". It refers to men's ability to engage in sexual contact with a woman. The project also includes the strength of the sexual desire (libido), the possibility of emergence of an erection, and the ability to fully comply with, or a partner of sex, the intensity in the quality of their sex lives.


In the absence of a physical overload of the other negative factors, to maintain an active life of common sense of style, keeps a man interest in sexual contact, the ability to join up, mature, not old. Most Of that area of life, it is of the utmost importance. Contemporary issues In the world, in the genital area of the face, not only Mature men, men, but young people, by young people of 25-30 years of age. The negative effects:

  • the high level of the stress of everyday life, in the fast life
  • bad habits;
  • irregular routine of the day
  • improper, unhealthy diet;
  • psychological problems in communicating with the opposite sex.

Impotence, problems with libido, erection men, or many of the so-regarded as shameful, in fact, a weakness. Comprehensive major Instead of a specialist, to find out the root causes of what's going on, so begin to do a variety of preparations, which are often available in the pharmaceutical market. To improve the efficiency Of this method is very difficult, because of the acceptance of the majority of the medication to the onset of erectile dysfunction to the sexual desires of the mechanism, there is almost no effect, it solves each of the the specific situation is, however, not a single problem. An independent understanding of how to enhance the strength, it is difficult, because of reasons of impotence into the other problem with sexual life of men too. Requires an individual solution for your specific situation. When a problem arises, it is necessary that you contact the experts in to do a comprehensive major. Sometimes it's the inside of the lower powers, it is in the nature of:

  • hormonal disorders, or restructuring;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • the excessive weight gain;
  • to the bad habit.

The physiology of the dominant nima effect on the male potency. Many of the representatives of the stronger sex to know that it has the appearance of a new partner, or a wave of the feeling of a long-term relationship with a woman, increases the sex drive, of course. Couples where the spouse is in trust, the family atmosphere is warm there is a supportive, sexual relations, pride in 2-2,5 times more common than pairs of a disadvantage it is. After a review of the reasons for the determination of the impairment of the power in each and every case, their own treatment regimen. The medicine the doctor prescribed only, if the identification of the physiological disorders (inflammation, urological, endocrine, vascular disease), the treatment of which is impossible without the treatment of medicines.

According to the analysis of the mode of life, men expert, gives advice on the following:

  1. diet;
  2. the physical activity;
  3. if you want to recover the healthy physiological background of the relationship with the sexual partner.

How to increase male potency natural ways to

A professional urologist, endocrinologist or sexologist can be easy to give an answer to the question of how to improve the strength of the free drug in the tablet. It is necessary to improve the men's quality of life, to solve the medical problems of addiction in excess weight, start by eating the right, healthy food and a summary of the iz and the effects of stress, the more you have sex, in a relationship with a woman. This is the approach to the issue of the help to increase sexual arousal, prolong the total time the sex is much better than drugs for a specific purpose.

The normalization of the day

When the first signs of the weakening of the power of the sme to start, or taking of pills use of the drug for local action. In many cases, you will need to make adjustments to your lifestyle. Sedentary work lack of mobility, low levels of physical activity leads to reduction in the total energy of the t, the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which leads to a violation of erectile function. Physical activity, avoiding harmful habits, the normalization of sleep, work, leisure time, to improve the potency, do not fast, but effective. A regular practice of moving sports (running, swimming, sports, games) to help normalize hormones, reduce the weight and improve the business [of spirits to craft] the systems of the body in order to remove the power supply. To keep the of the nervous the normal functioning of the system, it is necessary to take into account the clear mode of the day:

the problem with a potency
  • a full eight hours of sleep per night;
  • the implementation of the morning exercises;
  • the physical warm-up, in-work breaks;
  • fixed working hours;
  • daily physical activity;
  • a walk in the fresh air before going to bed.

The food

The increasing strength of the free drug in the tablet, it is possible to stick to a healthy diet. The diet needs to be in a lot of vitamins (especially E), magnesium, zinc, products, z-high content of vegetable animal proteins, vegetable fats, fiber, slow-carbs. The dishes in the steam or in the oven, it is better to give up fried foods. Does not include:

  • fast food
  • meso;
  • the alcohol in the drinks.

Experts recommend the following types of developments:

  1. Walking on the buttocks. You are sitting on the floor, hands on the waist or the hip, flex the leg at the knee. To lift the foot against the ground, the step of moving the weight from one side to the other, and then back again. Do 10 movements to continue in the back of a number of approaches a – 5.
  2. The "wheel", which is located on the back. Lie on your back, lift your legs off the ground at an angle of about 90°. No rotation movements of the knee, mimicking the motion of the legs while Cycling. Cover for 2 to 3 minutes, and gradually increase the running time.
  3. Hit or miss. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, squat so that your buttocks so to be on the same level with his knees. Follow the swaying motion of the pelvis forwards in the back. To begin the 30-40-s of seconds, then gradually increase the run time. In between sets should range from 30-60 seconds, and the number of approaches 3-5.
  4. The most of the. Lie on your back bend your bent of the knee the knee of the hand to the head, then press your palms on the floor. Straighten both of your hands, in your feet, lifting your body off the floor in the rotting of the back. Hold your position at the top of the seconds for a 10-25, in the back. The number of repetitions – 3-5.
  5. Squats. Not of 15 to 25 squats to the approach of progressively increasing the number of iterations. A number of approaches 3-5.
  6. "To the front of the kings". Stand up straight, arms at his sides. Start marching in place, bending the legs, not the knees, in the pulling of the stomach. Lead time – 2 to 3 minutes.

How to increase the power of the home

To improve the potency of in the home, it is possible with the use of comprehensive measures to normalize the lifestyle of men:

  1. It will help to a healthy diet, physical activity, regular exercise, sleep.
  2. Recommended by a regular sex, to keep testosterone levels naturally, to reduce the stress of everyday life.
  3. The exercises to Carry out to improve your blood circulation and eventually increase the quality in the duration of an erection without taking pills, in the drug of the local action.
  4. Effectively, people's media, the legal to to improve potency.

The greater the power of men over 50

The weakening of the power of the male in adulthood, the natural process is associated with hormonal changes in the body, it reduces the total energy, t, the deterioration of the General health. In order to improve the situation, it is especially important that you adhere to a healthy way of life:

the harmony in the relationship
  • leave the bad habits (alcohol, tobacco);
  • to eat right;
  • to avoid the stress.
  • to release it correctly.
  • if you want to move.

It is necessary to maintain a stable of sexual encounters in the rather than reduced, because of the regular sexual life will increase the intensity of testosterone. Senior men's recommended what is called a contrast bath to improve the flow of blood to the pelvis, in the urogenital organs. Take 2 of the pelvis is filled with a hot, the other cold water. To Sit alternately in every 30-50 seconds at a time. To improve the potency of the men in the folk remedies of the media, which, through the potential of integrated action for the recovery of the body. Medicinal plants have the ability to increase the virility, increase testosterone levels, restore svoevremenno, the mechanism coming to full erection, to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse. Prior to the application of the methods of folk medicine, ask an professional for information about contraindications of side effects. Effectively, the following tools:

  1. A decoction of the medicinal herbs. Take 2 tablespoons of dried nettle, st. john's wort flowers of the chamomile. Pour the boiling water in to hold it on a high heat for 2-3 minutes, stirring regularly to the infusion of the saint allows it to boil. Cool, and strain. Before each meal, and 1 teaspoon for a number of months.
  2. The Ginseng extract. The tinctures Can be bought in any pharmacy. Each morning and one teaspoon before meals, with a glass of water for 6 to 8 weeks.
  3. The alcohol tincture of the roots of the ginger. 200 ml of alcohol, you will need a 50 mg of the dried root. Grate the raw root on a medium grater (150-200 g), in order to be in a dry oven. For a strength (or quality vodka), leave for 16 to 20 days at room temperature. Drink one teaspoon before each meal with a large glass of water for 2 to 3 months.
  4. Syrup, dry mass of the iz and of the fruit in the spices. Chop the mix with 60 g dried apricots, dried plums into raisins 1 dessert spoon of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom. Pour 300 g of semi-sweet red wine, let stand on low heat, stirring regularly, for about an hour. Taken three times a day for 3 weeks, a single dose of 1 tbsp.

For More ways to enhance male potency folk remedies the media

Let us consider the 32 is an effective way to improve the efficiency of the popular media, legal, 3 days, or more, of the representatives of the stronger sex.

What is the useful of

Honey with walnuts

the greater the strength of the
  1. Both of the two components in the same proportions, in a thoroughly mixed, the nuts need to be re-crushed.
  2. Drink a mixture of 2 teaspoons after meals with milk in the morning, in the evening.

Plus, the fact that it is:

  • such a mixture produces vitamins for those that need to be taken, all usually in the day.
  • it helps to produce male hormones.

Pomegranate juice

If you drink the pomegranate juice for about a month, and every day, you can already feel the difference.

At least the jug during the day.

It is a good idea, since it improves the blood circulation in the consequently, it promotes the swelling of the body.

Therefore, pomegranate juice is a great folk recording medium to increase the efficiency of the men, without any side effects.

The tail

  • Tails is so useful in the fight against erectile dysfunction. The vegetable is eaten as a fresh, in cooking, in the water.
  • Cooking it in the milk, which will only increase the effect.
  • In the other, you can mix the vegetables, making a salad. For example, a salad of carrots to the face.

Carrot juice

  • You can drink half a Cup three times a day after meals.
  • The carrot is in itself improves the blood circulation in the blood circulation in the pelvis, and increases the combat effectiveness of the men's body.

A tincture of Rowan berries, rose hips in the leaves of the gooseberry

Let us consider the preparation of the tincture of the following means to strengthen the effectiveness of folk media, the legal home of the men's.

  1. Take the berries of the mountain ash, in the amount of 150 grams of berries, rosehips 50 grams of the leaves of the gooseberry, too, to the tune of 50 grams. All of that is washed into the poured a liter of water in the offering
  2. Begin to cook. It boils After that, in the heat, for 20 minutes.
  3. Allow it to cool down. Now you can drink 3 times a day in a volume of 200 ml at a time.

A banana in the yogurt

How it is with a mixture of:

  1. Take half of the banana in the ss to put in the pitcher, which is where the thick of the broken mass.
  2. Fill the mug with the weight of the yoghurt, add sugar to taste, all mix thoroughly until it is dissolved.
  3. Taste the healthy drink, a meal before or after a workout.
  4. Instead of yogurt you can use either, or sour cream varenets.
the men of the power of the

The advantages of the mixture of

  • Plus, the fact that it is a banana helps you to increase the duration of sex in the enhancement of manhood. We've written about previously increases the durability of the bed with a good technique for to make.
  • In the dairy products, the improvement of the reproductive capacity in the performance of the seed.
  • Together, they make a greater impact, the mixture is considered to be the male folk in the medium to increase the efficiency of the fast.

Some of the seafood

  1. Squid;
  2. Cancer;
  3. And in the oyster;
  4. Mackerel;
  5. Rapana.

All of this seafood is so regarded as aphrodisiacs in the way is always to increase the activity of the bed.

Stewed or roasted tomatoes

Better to eat a vegetable after the heat treatment.

So, it is better to cook the bake.

In this form, so the stronger the increase the functioning of sex glands.

The tomatoes also add in a pizza or a pasta.

This method allows for a man to improve his sex drive in improved sex drive. Don't forget that a relationship with a woman, which is not always based on sex. Pay attention to the long party in a total quiet, and a comfortable environment. It will help to know better in the inside he is a partner.