As a man you can quickly raise the intensity of the home

The intensity level is a reflection of men's health. The problem with the it affects the sexual capabilities of men show in the presence of the disease in the body. In order to understand how to quickly raise the intensity towards the home, you need to first find out the cause of a sexual dysfunction.

The power of the

What is the strength of the

Power of men's ability to have sexual intercourse. Of low potency, the absence of or its is an impediment to having sex. In the event that you need to erection problems, which is to be acted upon. To improve the potency you may need to change your lifestyle, or the particular taken supplements, drugs.

What determines the strength of the

There are a lot of factors that affect the ability of sexual performance. These include the following:

  • the level of hormones;
  • a way of life;
  • the status of the international.

Implementation of the General day to day useful activities for men's health. Men who lead a sedentary life-style, libido, the erection is much weaker. Also, the gender influences on the levels of the testosterone in the blood, in the mental attitude. The constant stresses lead to the reduction, not power.

The causes of sexual dysfunction

The causes of sexual dysfunction as follows:

  • an inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • decrease the level of testosterone;
  • An inflammation of the prostate gland
  • the stress of life, or a feeling of before sex;
  • diabetes;
  • violation of the circulation of the blood in the penis in the pelvic bone;
  • a chronic fatigue.

The weak sexual ability, so that it may be related to the psychological, physiological, or problems. After the elimination of the causes of potency is restored.

How you can improve your home

The improvement Of male power in the home, you can use the products of the traditional methods or exercise. A holistic approach will help you to achieve the most pronounced results.

The use of the tablet

Specialized medications that affect the setting of the optimal solution to the problem, which is associated with physical discomfort. As a rule of thumb, tablets are used before sexual intercourse to increase the chances.

The traditional method of

With the help of the traditional methods of treatment, it is possible to provide the body with the missing elements, the elimination of the low intensity of the inflammation in the stress, and to improve the overall situation.

A tincture of the decoctions to increase the power of the

A variety of the infusion as the most suitable form of it is a lot of natural products. The use of the soup inside, allows you to achieve the desired effect in a short period of time.

Tincture of nettle leaf

You will need To prepare 200 grams of fresh nettles, pour 500 ml of vodka. It will be necessary to leave the Unit for a few days in a closed glass jar, under the strain of the to take 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach for 3 to 6 weeks.

The tinctures and decoctions to strengthen the


This team has a lot of useful features. The assets, prepared on the basis of the fenugreek, to promote immunity to help fight men's diseases. For the preparation of the decoction is often used by the seed. 2 teaspoons rubbed the seeds, you want a beer in 250 ml of boiling water. Decoction used 2 times a day for 120 ml.

The barrel

The barrel has a preferred medium, which is widely used in folk medicine. To increase the effectiveness of the baking soda can be used locally, to all the inflammatory diseases of the genitals. The ingestion of the geonet of the effects of the product in the get an erection.

Aspen bark

The aspen bark contains a large amount of nutrients. It can be used for the preparation of decoctions, or local, for oral use. Drinking allows you to do with the conditions of the fight, for the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract, in the genital system. The local application will help you to resolve the heart rate.


Nettles — a plant that has a local irritating effect. Which leads to an improvement in the flow of blood. Nettles can be used in a local area of the pelvic space is also used for the interior. Dried nettle can be used to prepare the following decoction: 2 tablespoons of dried nettle pour a 500 ml infused in boiling water for 2 hours. Ready to drink liquid in a dose of 100 ml 2 times a day.

The Air

A perennial plant, which has a number of beneficial effects. Calamus root is used in cooking soups. 20 g of the finely sliced root is poured 200 ml of boiling water. Consequently, the liquid is to be applied 3 times a day, and 65 ml of liquid. The car has anti-oxidant effects.


Decoction of fireweed allows you to provide a person with important micro-nutrients in the vitamins. For a nice effect to the whole body of the sexual function. Fireweed helps to improve the mental condition of strengthens the immunity, is in the hemoglobin.

Drink from ginger root

For the preparation of a beverage, you'll need 8 grams of ginger root, 2 sliced lemons, 2 teaspoons of honey in 500ml of boiling water. The ginger clears out the skin, it is added to the other ingredients in a bowl, the pour over the boiling water. By doing this, you will need to make a liquid that is not in the addition of 2 tablespoons of honey.

St. john's wort

The herb st. john's wort has a variety of pharmacological effects. Infusion of Hypericum also has the following useful features: it has antispasmodic effects, exhibits anti-inflammatory into an anti-microbial effect has a sedative effect on the nervous system. For the preparation of drugs based on Hypericum, you can use the ready pharmacy of weed.


Herbaceous plant that has immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, the replacement effect. This herb also has a positive effect on potency. For infusion take 20 grams of not a lungwort pour 200 ml of boiling water. A decoction daily, it is used for 2 weeks.


This herb also has anti-bacterial, antispasmodic, in the anti-inflammatory effect. The herb, thyme contains large amounts of vitamins. Diseases of the reproductive system, through the use of this herb, you can quickly achieve the recovery.

A therapeutic mixture,

A therapeutic blend to include in the diet. They have a special impact of the pharmacological in a pleasant taste.

Honey nut

It is a popular dish, that it is recommended to increase the efficiency of the. You will need To prepare a 50 g walnuts, 50 g hazelnuts, 50 g of pine nuts, they grind into the mix, with 100 grams of honey. There has been a mixture of the recommended that you eat 1-2 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

Products to increase the power of the

Products to increase the power of the

There are a lot of products that have a pleasant effect on the libido in an erection. They include seafood, nuts, and honey in a food that contains a lot of iron.

The gifts of the sea in the oceans of

It is recommended that the diet include the following:

  • cancer;
  • shrimp;
  • etc;
  • kaviar;
  • oysters;
  • mackerel.

If you want to save the most nutrients, it is advised to cook the seafood for a couple.

Set the pumpkin

The pumpkin products have a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, in antioxidants. The improvement of the men of power, it is recommended that both diet use yourself pumpkin seeds.

White wine

In the skin of the grapes is high in antioxidants. Of the white wines Consumed in small quantities, you can reduce the negative effects of free radicals, improves the psycho-emotional background of the extract can find it. In addition, with the use of a white wine, it is the prevention of the diseases of the heart, in the circulatory system.

LOD-therapy is

The non-invasive method for the treatment of various male sexual disorders. The use of the Method of representing the vacuum cylinder onto the penis. The cylinder, which fits over the genitals, does lower your blood pressure, which allows for improved blood flow. This method is widely used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction-related vascular injury to the senile, or a change.


The constant stress in the strah of intimacy, because of the potential for failure of the request is for psychotherapy. With the bad experience of the assigned sedative drugs. Also, to overcome the syndrome of a failure of the so assigned to the stimulants of erection. According to the beats strah, is that it will not continue.

Physical therapy, physical therapy

Physiotherapy can help to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, in the south-eastern get rid of stagnant processes. You want to perform exercises that involve the muscles of the leg into the pelvis in as well, so that the total load on the system.

The Practice Of Kegel

By targeting the performance improvement of the potency, it is recommended to practice Kegel. At the time, so you will need to have a train called the pubic-coccygeal muscles.

Table. Exercises.

The name of theThe principle of the
Clenching the muscles of the pelvic floorThe tension of these muscles will be necessary to carry out the action, which is typically used for the containment of urination. You, however, you have to imagine that there is a strong desire to urinate, in the clench of the muscles that you are not allowed to do so. The voltage is maintained for 5 seconds after that, when you need to relax. Of the steps, so repeated 10 to 20 times.
The muscles of Clenching the anusYou want to make the contraction of the muscles 10 to 20 times a to the z voltage to maintain for 5-7 seconds at a time.
The rise in the pelvis it lies on the knee of the back leg bentThis Exercise allows you to get rid of stagnant processes. The number of repetitions — 10 to 12.

Practice of the Kegel will be the improvement of the status of the health of the men, in the strengthening of the muscles of the pelvis.

The effect of the treatment

Vacuum massage can improve the potency of " increasing the flow of blood. The process is carried out in the salon of the beauty. Front of the vacuum bath, it is recommended to carry out an examination of the potential contra-indications.


Physiotherapy method that can be used in a variety of sexual problems. The process is carried out with the use of a device for the UV treatment. The mechanical impulses, which make it possible to renew the tissue in the form of a new small identified, which will lead to a better filling of the penis with blood during an erection.

The treatment according to the traditions of the ancient Chinese

Oriental medicine offers a variety of ways to restore the power. A lot of attention is paid not only to the specific issue, but also the health of the Whole. Modern physiotherapy treatment the medication that you can quickly reach the goal, but we should not forget about the cause of the problem. You will need to change your way of life is in participating in a regular prevention.

Change your way of life

To improve the potency, it is recommended to take into account the following rules:

  • avoid prolonged stationary state;
  • the exercises to perform, which include the muscles of the leg into the pelvis;
  • if you want to for iz lives off Smoking to reduce alcohol-related harm;
  • eat food that is rich in zinc.

In the presence of excess weight, you will need to go on a diet. A lower percentage of body fat, the higher the level of the testosterone. It is recommended that you begin to take part in an active sport. If the work activity is connected with constant periods in a seated position, and every time you need to get the most out in the workout.

Full sex and the

The class of Silverside allows you to avoid stagnant processes. The recommended quantity of sexual activity — not less 1 times in 2 weeks. The extreme in cases In which the sexual relationship can be replaced by Masturbation.

To get rid of bad habits

The exclusion of large amounts of alcohol, in the process, which will help to improve the heart in the circulatory system. A positive is That it will have an effect on the potency. The habit can Also be bad is attributed to the sedentary lifestyle, the lack of activity.

Contrast baths

The strengthening of the blood is found to increase immunity in the improvement of the General situation, you can take a contrast shower. The successive impacts of the body on the warm-in-cold-water-makes a ton of cardiovascular system. The contrast of the flush takes place on a daily basis. Before you use this procedure, you will be required to obtain the consent of your doctor. Among the contra-indications to its thrombosis, severe vascular disease, cystitis, while the presence of benign tumors.

The room

Regular trips to the bath, you can speed up the metabolism, reduce the stress of the tension of the muscles in the rid your body of toxins. Bath has a positive effect on potency, but only within the reasonable limits. There is no need to expose your body to the exposure to very high temperatures, or a period of time in the room. In order to achieve a positive result, it is enough to visit bath, for 1 hour per week).

To improve the performance of older people

How you can improve your strength in the of the 60 years of the

To improve the efficiency in the elderly using the following methods:

  • the hormonal therapies;
  • specialized drugs to to improve the the flow of blood;
  • the adjustment of way of life.

With the aging of the male body, reducing the production of testosterone, as it's the most effective method is the use of hormones. The replacement treatment, you will not be able to increase the libido in an erection.

Vitamins to improve potency

Sex capacity increase, it is advisable to use a simple to a complex of the vitamins. You can also apply a zinc supplement into various herbal preparations. Taking vitamins should be strictly in accordance with these instructions. Overdosing is not going to lead not to the strengthening of the influence of the will give rise to hypervitaminosis.

The opinion of the sexologists andrologists in the

The experts recommend that the approach to combating the erectile dysfunction in isolation. There are a lot of reasons for a reduction in potency. Some of them may require serious medical treatment. You can't self-cure, Viagra use of, or in any other way.

First of all you need to carry out a detailed primary. A significant decrease in testosterone Also, or it can be chronic prostatitis substitute for modern medicine.

The intensity of the game plays a very important role in every man's life. To maintain the sexual ability to as long as you can, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of the negative factors that could trigger diseases of the musculoskeletal system connective.