How to increase potency without medication

Every man wants to enjoy sexual intercourse, pass it on to his partner so that he does not have any illnesses or problems with the sexual sphere. But in the last few years, violations of potency have become one of the most common diseases that precede members of the stronger sex.

In addition, not only men over the age of 40-45 suffer, but a completely young generation of guys aged 20-30. Today, we look at existing methods of increasing potency without drugs, which will be very useful and have a positive effect on the state of the reproductive system. As you know, medicines have many contraindications and side effects, so not everyone can take them, and only in the doses prescribed by your doctor.

And the methods we’re talking about today are good for everyone, they don’t have a negative effect on the body. We will talk about three methods. The first is the application of various folk remedies, the second is the performance of special gymnastics, and the third is, of course, proper nutrition.

dried fruits to improve potency

How to increase the effectiveness of folk remedies?

Without medication, you can easily improve your sexual strength because there are many herbs, healthy foods, and other tools that have a beneficial effect on a man’s strength. Remember that any folk method, like any medicine, is only prescribed by your doctor! Self-healing is an incorrect, dangerous method of therapy. You can increase your potency with the help of a very useful drug. You will need the following ingredients for cooking:

  • raisins, prunes, dried apricots in crushed form (100 g each);
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l. ;
  • spices - cloves, cinnamon and cardamom (1 pinch).

All components are placed in a metal bowl, mixed thoroughly, poured with red wine. The container should then be placed on low heat for about an hour. For the first half hour, boil the product without a lid and then cover the pan. Drink syrup three times a day three times a day to increase effectiveness. l.

nettle, ginseng

Thanks to nettle, they provide good potency without medication. You can use it like a nettle seed to make a decoction. The letters too. A tablespoon of the crushed plant should be poured into a glass of boiling water before eating.

You can increase your potency without the use of drugs by using the root of an herb like ginseng. The preparation method does not require much time or effort, because everything is very simple. Take a hundred grams of ginseng root, put in a deep pot, pour half a liter of water and stand for two days.

The infusion should then be placed on low heat and cooked for four hours. After this time, the product is filtered. Then add 1 tbsp. l. honey and cinnamon. To increase potency, it is recommended to take one hundred milliliters after a meal.

Applying honey

You can increase your potency without taking medication with the help of a natural useful product - honey. There are huge benefits to the body if you consume a few teaspoons of honey a day or add nuts. Walnuts also increase a man's strength anyway.

Therefore, these two ingredients can be combined to achieve the best effect. To make the medicine, honey and walnuts can be combined in equal amounts, mixed and half an hour after meals, 2 tsp. It is worth noting that it is recommended to drink everything with milk.


You can increase your potency with ginger. Ginger tinctures are made from ginger root and added to tea. Let's look at the method of recipes for tea and tincture. To make tea, take 1 teaspoon. roots in a dried, ground form, then pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist.
It is very easy to make a tincture that in itself increases potency.

Pour one hundred grams of ginger root with 300 ml of ethyl alcohol. It is necessary to stick to the remedy for 14 days in a dark place. Once the infusion is complete, you should take ten drops in the evening, shortly before bedtime.

You can do it without drugs, the point is to know the basic ways in which members of the stronger sex return their sexual power. By the way, ginger is very often used as a spice in various foods, it is added fresh. Perfect for meat, fish dishes, desserts, soups, drinks. For example, tea made with the addition of ginger will be useful not only for the reproductive system but also for immunity, for the whole body.

Any folk remedy is prescribed by a doctor and only in the absence of contraindications. Allergy, individual intolerance. Worth to remember! Self-healing can be dangerous!


Sport is health. Therefore, a special set of exercises is recommended for men to increase potency. Physical activity should be moderate, you can really benefit. Exercise improves blood circulation, which prevents the occurrence of stagnant processes, including in the male genitals, as well as increased testosterone production.

As you can see, drugs are easy to quit. We can achieve good results with regular training, which consists of a small number of effective exercises, the characteristics of which we are now examining. So, let's get started.

Strengthening the potency will help you squat, as well as the well-known practical "bridge. " To do the bridge, you need to lie on your back, bend your knees. Then place your legs about twenty inches from your hips, with your legs shoulder-width apart. Then whatwith your hands. At the elbows, bend and then raise the elbows, so the emphasis on the floor will be due to the palm.

You should then push yourself with your feet and hands as high as possible off the floor so that your back is arcuate. The ideal performance for this exercise is to increase potency when the legs and arms are fully extended. This is a classic implementation of the bridge.

Other exercises

There are many ways to increase potency without the use of drugs. For example, practice "cycling". The man should lie on his back and then lift his legs, imitating cycling. To achieve the maximum effect of such a trip, it is recommended to vary the speed of the movements. For example, start at low speed, go to maximum, and then return to low speed.

Walking on the so-called buttocks has a positive effect on men’s sexual strength. You need to take a starting position - sit on the floor, then go first forwards and then backwards, and do this on the bottom. The first step also works well. You should stand up straight, put your hands along your body, alternately lift your legs and try to reach your knees to your stomach.

You can increase your potency with an exercise called a pendulum. You need to stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart. You should then sit down so that your buttocks and knees are at the same level. Then move your pool back and forth, performing as many repetitions as possible. If you feel tired, relax, take a new approach. It is important to note that inhalation should be performed backwards and inhalation should be performed forward.

How to eat right?

The male body needs daily supplementation of minerals (magnesium, zinc and others) and vitamins, especially vitamin E. A man’s diet should include healthy foods that contain protein, vegetable fats, slow carbohydrates, and fiber. Therefore, you can increase your potency without medication with the right diet. What products are good for the stronger sex?

We have already talked about the beneficial effects of honey and nuts. In addition to walnuts, you can eat pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts. They contain many proteins, fatty acids needed by the body. Walnuts promote hormone production. An amino acid called arginine is of great importance for male potency. When arginine begins to act on a man, both sperm activity and concentration in the sperm occur, improving blood circulation to the pelvic organs.

Increasing potency is possible without drugs with other products that have a beneficial effect on the sexual sphere, the immune system as a whole.
Garlic promotes vasodilation, increases blood circulation. A natural disinfectant that helps cure various diseases by killing harmful, pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms.
Any vegetation has a very good effect on the activity of the sexual sphere. For example, parsley, dill, spinach, lettuce, etc. It is also useful to consume ginger and celery.

The benefits of seafood for both women and men have been known since ancient times. Therefore, the diet should include seaweed, various fish, shellfish and shrimp. Fermented dairy products help increase potency without the use of drugs. For example, natural sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt without various additives, preservatives. The quality of the products matters a lot. Therefore, it is worth choosing everything that does not contain substances harmful to the body.


In order to avoid nasal problems, you should undergo a full examination once a year or every six months. Not only a urologist but also all other professionals (endocrinologist, dermatologist, psychotherapist, surgeon, and others) should visit because deterioration in sexual function can occur for a number of different reasons.

For example, potency disorders are very often caused by stress, anxiety, disorders, endocrine problems, any inflammatory process, injuries, illnesses, infections. Exacerbation of the condition should not be allowed, and in case of suspicious symptoms, seek medical attention. As you can see, there are many ways to increase potency without medication.

Adequate nutrition, a series of regular physical exercises, and the use of folk remedies for individual intolerance and contraindications provide excellent help in improving and increasing sexual strength. To make these methods more effective, you need to stop drinking alcohol, smoking, and using drugs. Otherwise, all effort and time will be wasted! To be healthy!