What foods improve erections

Our health often depends on what we eat. Fresh and healthy food saturates the body with vitamins, minerals and many other substances necessary for the functioning of our body. Harmful additives interfere with the functioning of all organs and systems, cause various changes in the tissues, impair digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Of course, food also affects the work of the male urinary system. Experts note that there are a number of products that increase potency, some of which can be compared in their strength and speed to erection-stimulating pharmacy drugs. Let’s see exactly what also increases the masculine strength of food.

What foods increase potency

Potency-enhancing and fast-acting products are called aphrodisiacs. They usually contain the vitamins, amino acids and trace elements most needed for men's health:

  • B vitamins that are involved in metabolic processes and affect sperm production;
  • antioxidants - Vitamins A and E, which help remove toxins and toxins;
  • Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, promotes rejuvenation and tissue regeneration;
  • calcium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, magnesium, manganese, silicon, sulfur and other trace elements.

Potency-enhancing products have a powerful effect not only on male strength but also on the whole body. Experts identify properties of aphrodisiacs such as:

  • speeding up metabolic processes and removing toxins;
  • improved digestion;
  • normalization of the psycho-emotional state;
  • strengthening immunity, increasing vitality and endurance;
  • launching regeneration and rejuvenation processes;
  • improving blood flow and vascular patency;
  • increased blood flow to the penis.

Even the best potency products do not have a visible effect if a man constantly smokes, consumes alcohol, is overweight, does not follow the recommendations of experts in the treatment of existing diseases, and regularly lives a nervous and sedentary lifestyle.

Beekeeping products

Among the products that improve the potency of men, propolis is considered one of the most popular. It is a real storehouse of nutrients. Traditional healers claim that a tiny piece of propolis that is absorbed in the mouth 1-2 times a day does not work worse than the well-known Viagra. Propolis is also used in the form of alcoholic and aqueous tinctures.

Honey is another beekeeping product that has a positive effect on potency. Strengthens the immune system, saturates with easily absorbed beneficial substances. You can add honey to the tea, make a mixture of nuts and dried fruits, or consume it separately.

This male potency enhancing product should not be heated above 40-45 ° C, as high temperatures will form harmful substances and destroy useful ones. In addition, some healers recommend men to eat royal jelly and bee bread.

Beekeeping products can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, you cannot eat them in large quantities. You should monitor your condition during use and exclude honey and propolis from your diet at the first sign of disturbance.


Like oysters, shrimp, crab, sea and ocean fish, seaweed, and other seafood, it is another group of products that increase the effectiveness of men. This is due to the high content of B, PP, A, E, Vitamin C and trace elements, which are dominated by zinc and selenium, which are necessary for a stable erection and good libido at all ages. In addition, seafood is rich in amino acids that stimulate testosterone production.

For maximum effect, such foods should be consumed raw or dried, as a significant portion of the nutrients are lost during heat treatment.

Chocolate, dried fruits and nuts

Chocolate, dried fruits and nuts seem to be just delicacies. But they are also fast-acting potency-enhancing products. Chocolate soothes, stimulates the production of testosterone and serotonin (the hormone of pleasure), relieves stress, activates mental activity, increases endurance and performance, enhances feelings during sex, allows for better quality and longer intercourse.

Dried fruits speed up metabolism, stimulate erections, increase sperm motility and improve a man’s well-being. Walnuts are a source of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, essential oils, fiber, and large amounts of arginine. This substance helps to improve blood circulation, more stable and fuller erections, increased libido.

You can simply put chocolate, nuts and dried fruit in your bag and use it as a healthy snack. But these products, which increase potency, are very high in calories. Therefore, you can only consume them in small quantities. For example, it is enough to eat 3-4 nuts or 5-10 pistachios, 2-3 dates or the same number of figs at a time.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs

Of course, the list of products that increase the effectiveness of men also includes fresh fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs. They contain many vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fiber. Of the vegetables and roots, beets, zucchini, celery, cauliflower and Chinese cabbage, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and turnips are especially useful.

The substances in these products stimulate good erections, saturate them with important trace elements, improve sperm quality and endurance in men, strengthen the immune system and speed up metabolic processes in the tissues.

Fruits and berries contain a lot of easily digestible sugars that stimulate sperm production and mental activity. Many fruits increase the production of the male hormone testosterone, increase metabolism, increase penile sensitivity during intimacy, and increase libido.

We recommend that you include products in your diet that increase the effectiveness of men, such as kiwi, pineapple, apricot, banana, coconut, peach, grape, pear, apple, persimmon, pomegranate. Of the berries, strawberries, currants, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries are the most useful for male strength and libido.

Fresh herbs perfectly complement the taste and appetizing appearance of any food. But it is also a powerful aphrodisiac that helps to become stronger, more lasting, gives impetus and positivity, saturates with useful substances, stimulates digestion and the work of other organs.

To increase the potency is most useful parsley, celery, coriander, dill. But here, too, you need to know when to stop and not have to eat too much green. So a large amount of coriander has the exact opposite effect, and a lot of parsley lowers blood pressure, impairs the functioning of the urinary and digestive systems.

Important! Potency-enhancing products should only be selected for the season. For example, tomatoes achieve the desired positive effect in summer and autumn, and are not a suitable food at all in winter because they contain a lot of synthetic additives and harmful compounds. Of course, certain fruits, vegetables, herbs can be preserved or dried, but such a product contains less nutrients than fresh.

Other products

There are other products that increase the effectiveness of men. The list of potent aphrodisiacs includes:

  1. Kumis - mare's milk - has long been a product that increases the effectiveness of men almost immediately. This product contains a lot of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. But not for everyone. It is only recommended for men who are accustomed to incorporating kumys into their diet.
  2. Lean meat. In ancient times it was the main source of male strength. Meat contains many amino acids, vitamins and minerals, proteins. For efficiency, it is better to include turkey, rabbit, domestic chicken, veal, beef in the diet. Excessive meat consumption negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system.
  3. Onions and garlic. These products strengthen the immune system, increase blood supply to the genitals, increase testosterone production, and help remove toxins and toxins. Onions and garlic are powerful bactericides that contain selenium, which is essential for a good erection and sexual desire.
  4. Egg. Chicken and quail eggs are a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. Their regular consumption helps to normalize testosterone production, improve blood supply and increase libido. Excessive consumption of eggs (more than 1 per day) increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis, so you should be careful with this product to increase its effectiveness.
  5. Seeds. Zinc-rich, antiparasitic, regenerating, anti-inflammatory pumpkin seeds are especially useful for increasing potency. Regular consumption of small amounts improves a man's hormonal background, allows long-term sexual intercourse, and increases fertility.

What is worth giving up

It is also worth listing which products are harmful to a man’s potential and health. It is best to leave them out altogether or minimize their presence in the diet. Experts do not recommend eating:

  • smoked meats, including smoked fish and sausages;
  • all sausages due to the abundance of preservatives, thickeners and other synthetic materials;
  • alcohol, fresh carbonated water, purchased juices, energy drinks;
  • coffee and tea in large quantities;
  • white yeast bread, buns and pastries;
  • fast food and all instant products, snacks;
  • soy and high-fat milk because they contain phytoestrogens that suppress testosterone production;
  • sauces containing mayonnaise, ketchup and other seasonings and preservatives.

Potency-enhancing products only have a positive effect on the male body if they are of good quality and fresh. For example, an unscrupulous producer can use antibiotics and hormones to accelerate the growth of healthy chicken or beef. This adversely affects both the quality of the meat and the health of the person consuming it.


You now know which natural products increase potency and which contribute to its deterioration. Keep this in mind when choosing your daily diet. Eat only fresh food, cook for up to two days. Remember, not all food goes together.

For example, nutritionists do not recommend eating fish and meat at the same time. And be sure to approach the issue of empowerment in a complex way: change your lifestyle to be more active and healthier.

What foods contribute to a good erection

After about 30 years, the potency of men gradually weakens. This is associated with a decrease in testosterone levels, a sedentary lifestyle and a weakened immune system. Measures must be taken to stop the "decline": lead an active lifestyle, drink vitamins, monitor health, and treat all illnesses in a timely manner. Proper food is also important - you need to eat regularly to improve your erection. List the most important products for men’s health. . .

man chooses apples for efficiency

The basis of the diet

Consider how you can diversify to achieve your desired goal.

Red grapes, wine

Starting with the topic of what foods are good for an erection, we want to mention red grapes first and foremost. It is beneficial for men as it stimulates testosterone production and improves sperm quality. The beneficial properties of this product are due to resveratrol, a substance responsible for the activity of a protein that is involved in the work of the male urinary system.

Fish, seafood

According to statistics, the Japanese retain the longest good effect in the world. Scientists believe this is due to the fact that they have consumed the right erection foods all their lives. Daily consumption of fish and seafood increases the strength of men. This food contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3), which are essential for the male body.

In order to have a good erection, you should eat foods that contain vitamin D regularly (the vitamin increases the level of testosterone in the blood, in the absence of which this hormone level decreases by 90%). The fish helps with that. Tuna is especially useful. Incidentally, U. S. scientists have found that tuna also has a positive effect on sperm DNA molecules - an important issue for men who are about to become fathers in the near future.

Meat, milk

Foods like vegetables, fruits, herbs are healthy. But if you only eat them, certain functions are weakened. We are not against vegetarianism. But there is no need to reassure that the body will function in the same way as when consuming meat products. For example, in male vegetarians, lower libido, lower testosterone levels are not fatal, but in fact, it is a fact.

A man needs protein to produce sperm, so if he has an erection and sexual desire, he needs to eat meat and drink milk. It is not new that meat and milk contribute to the strongest protein accumulation. But with these products, you need to know when to stop. Foods that are too greasy can only harm men’s health. An excellent choice for men:

  1. Venison.
  2. Rabbit meat.
  3. Hen.
  4. Turkey.

The types of coats listed are the most effective way to replenish the body with protein. Pork should be completely excluded from the list of products. Beef is occasionally edible (don’t completely deny this type of meat because it gives the body useful cholesterol, which is important for increasing the quality of potency).

Anyway, it’s worth remembering: we say that some foods improve erections, but if they are cooked poorly, all the benefits are reduced to zero. For example, frying meat in oil or wok destroys all properties and only adds carcinogens. The safest way to cook is cooking, grilling or over an open fire (shish kebab, barbecue).


Honey should be eaten by men as this product contains useful nitric oxide and boron. These substances increase the blood flow to the tissues of the internal organs by 50%. Consequently, honey improves metabolic processes, resulting in an improvement in a man’s ability to get an erection (after all, an erection is based on bleeding).

It is useful to eat pure form of honey to increase its effectiveness - consume 3-4 teaspoons of honey per day. It can be mixed with other healthy natural products such as walnuts, pine nuts or peanuts.

What type of honey is considered the most useful for an erection? In fact, all the types on the list of honey products will be effective. However, it is believed that the best results in increasing erection are shown by jasmine, chestnut, ginseng honey (these plants are originally natural aphrodisiacs, help a person to become more loving).

It is worth noting that honey has many contraindications when food with this product is prohibited. First, you should not eat if someone is allergic. Honey is not recommended for liver diseases, stomach ulcers, acute gastritis, diabetes mellitus, gallstones, heart failure. In other cases, you can use honey, but you need to know when to stop it, as with any other product.


Thanks to its antiseptic properties, garlic is able to kill infections, remove toxins, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, relieve inflammation. It increases garlic and male erections - all thanks to the cortisol it contains. It is useful for the production of hormones responsible for erection and also affects spermatogenesis. That’s why a healthy man’s diet should include garlic - you don’t have to eat it every day, enough cloves 3-4 a week.

In order to improve the erectile function, only the raw product will be useful - during baking, boiling, the healing properties will disappear. Garlic can also be mixed with honey or made into a tincture or decoction:

  1. Water tincture: pour chopped fresh garlic cloves into hot water in a ratio of 1: 3.
  2. Alcohol tincture: cut up 7 cloves, pour 250 ml of vodka.
  3. Milk soup: pour 6 cloves with a glass of milk, add a spoonful of honey.
  4. Lemon tincture: Take three freshly squeezed juices of lemon, mix with 5 heads of chopped garlic.

Finally, we would like to make an important point about nutrition. Men should not starve to stimulate an erection. Hunger only exacerbates dysfunction. The order and regularity of the diet is extremely important for strong potency. Fasting, on the other hand, forces the male body to maintain strength (falling into a kind of "hibernation"), increasing the release of stress hormones (and causing problems with the blood vessels, which contribute to erectile problems).

Another important condition: food is not a substitute for medicine! Nutrition correction is helpful in preventing the primary symptoms of male dysfunction or diseases that cause erection problems. If an erection is stopped due to an illness, you will need to call a doctor or go to a hospital - they will diagnose you and prescribe a treatment program. You can eat healthy food as an adjunct to treatment.