What affects potency: answers to frequently asked questions

Intimate life is an important part of the full life of every man. Therefore, they all pay attention to the state of potency and sexual function, and look for the causes of any disorder or disorder.

From this article, you can learn what negatively or positively affects your potency to prevent sexual dysfunction in advance.

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What does the term "potency" mean in a man?

Before examining what affects male potency, it is worth examining in detail the term "potency. " Usually, potency is a person’s ability to perform any action. In intimate things, potency indicates how well a man is able to have sex with the opposite. no.

Efficiency includes a number of indicators:

  • libido, i. e. sexual attraction to women;
  • erection, namely the ability of the man to arouse, which increases the size and strength of the phallus;
  • the possibility of sexual intercourse is sufficient in time;
  • the man’s ability to satisfy his partner.

For information!Potency is a collective term that applies to all sexual functions and health of men. If any function of the reproductive system is impaired, the potency decreases accordingly. This relationship also works in the opposite direction, meaning that as the sexual potential decreases, the man’s listed abilities suffer.

Erectile dysfunction

Erection is a process directly dependent on the state of potency, which is expressed in the sexual arousal of the man and the increase and hardening of the size of the penis. Only in this situation will the body be able to perform friction, ejaculate for reproduction. Simply put, an erection is a physiological process and potency is a general condition.

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There are three types of erections:

  1. Reflex erection - occurs when the penis is struck and stimulated, which sends impulses into the spinal cord and triggers an erection.
  2. Psychogenic erection - against the background of mental images, fantasies, visual, auditory stimulation, a person can get an erection and get excited.
  3. Spontaneous erection - occurs in the morning as well as at night without preconditions and excitement, is considered a characteristic of the male body.

The terms "erection" and "potency" are closely related, because if erectile dysfunction is detected, the level of potency decreases. In case of complete erectile dysfunction, the doctor diagnoses impotence. Accordingly, what negatively affects potency affects the quality of an erection in the same way.


Another concept that is closely intertwined with potency and is considered a component of it is libido. The term libido is to be understood as a special condition of the unconscious man caused by sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Libido is a separate process, but sweating is impossible without it.

The difference between the two concepts is that libido is the initial condition of sexual intercourse, which means the body’s desire and willingness (instinct) to do so, and potency is the ability to have subsequent sexual intercourse. When libido is low, a man cannot achieve an erection, and without it, potency itself is not possible.

Duration of intercourse

Another indicator of healthy potency is the duration of sex available to a man. This complex system (potency) of all sexual functions directly affects how long a man endures friction until the onset of ejaculation. There are two problems that can negatively affect potency: inability to orgasm and premature ejaculation (short intercourse).

According to the medical certificate, the normal duration of sex from the moment of friction to orgasm is 3-5 minutes. If a man can’t stand it for a minute, they talk about potency problems. The same can be said if intercourse lasts longer than 20-40 minutes, there may be discrepancies that prevent ejaculation in time.

The ability to satisfy a woman

Only with the condition of healthy potency is a man not only able to have sex, but it is good quality sex that can satisfy his partner. Several indicators are responsible for satisfaction:

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  • strong and stable erection;
  • sufficient sexual arousal;
  • the man's perseverance;
  • normal duration of intercourse.

Accordingly, if negative factors systematically affect potency, over time, men will not be able to fully satisfy their partner.

Factors negatively affecting potential

The benefits and harms of each of the factors that negatively affect potency need to be known to all men in order to prevent sexual dysfunction in a timely manner. It is especially important to know the negative factors to protect yourself from their impact. The medical certificate describes the following prerequisites for impotence:

  • Diseases of the urogenital system -acute or chronic diseases of the prostate gland, testicular, urinary tract diseases, and sexually transmitted infections inhibit a man’s potency and all sexual functions.
  • Endocrine pathologies -the hormone testosterone is responsible for sexual activity and potency, and possible hormonal disorders, pathologies of the pituitary gland, and hypothalamus inhibit testosterone production. Diabetes mellitus is also an endocrine disease, so the question of whether sugar affects potency can be clearly answered, yes.
  • Overweight -the appearance of fat deposits negatively affects potency, especially when the abdominal area is considered. Elevated lipid levels inhibit testosterone production by increasing the levels of the female hormone estrogen. In addition, weight negatively affects the condition of the blood vessels, disrupts blood circulation, and this leads to a deterioration in the quality of the erection.
  • weight loss, overweight and impact on potency
  • Low mobility or excessive physical activity -frequent sitting and low mobility contribute to the development of diseases of the reproductive system. And excessive exercise absorbs most of the testosterone in the body, which affects sexual health.
  • Taking medicines for certain groups -Medicine has found negative effects of sedatives (antidepressants, sedatives), glucocorticoids and other hormonal agents, beta-blockers, diuretics, sedatives and psychotropic agents. Especially if a man does not follow the dosing and therapeutic regimen, he is intentionally taking such heavy medications.
  • Taking steroid anabolic steroids by athletes -Many bodybuilders take supplements of this composition to build muscle quickly and vigorously. Despite the fact that steroids are sources of testosterone, the body stops producing the required amount of natural hormones after taking food supplements. Many low-quality dietary supplements contain soy, a phytoestrogen that suppresses testosterone.
  • Psychological disorders -any stress, conflict situation, unfavorable atmosphere in a relationship with a partner, complexity, lack of self-confidence, depression, nervous tension, insomnia, and chronic fatigue can negatively affect potency.
  • Alcoholic drinks -alcohol destroys the structure and function of the liver, there is a direct connection between the liver and the reproductive system. Hepatic impairment reduces the body's production of testosterone. In addition, alcohol disrupts the work of the cardiovascular system, and after all, an erection is directly dependent on blood circulation and the condition of the blood vessels (the effects of energy drinks are also taken into account). Alcohol reduces the conductivity of nerve receptors and impulses, affecting the spinal cord.
  • Smoking -the effect of nicotine is primarily related to the condition of the cardiovascular system, as tar and nicotine cause excessive stenosis and blood flow, which means erectile problems. Electronic cigarettes are also harmful, albeit to a lesser extent. Menthol has a similar effect, menthol cigarettes are also prohibited.
  • Drugs -many are aware of the effects of marijuana and other heavier drugs that primarily affect the spinal cord. The most common consequences are poor and unstable erections, premature ejaculation, liver disease (usually hepatitis C) and low testosterone levels.
  • Masturbation -if you are constantly dealing with self-satisfaction, it can cause disorders of the reproductive system.

Factors that can increase potency

You can increase your potency with some medications, physiotherapy, non-traditional and alternative methods. What is useful for potency:

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  1. Food- A man needs to know which foods increase his sexual potential in order to properly shape his diet. These are all products that contain carotene (vitamin A) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). They are any sour berry and fruit, onions and garlic, herbs, carrots, cabbage, rosehips, green salad. In addition, the genitals need zinc, which is rich in seafood. The protein is involved in the production of testosterone, it is chicken meat, dairy products, eggs, lean meat. Vitamin E is necessary for the reproductive system, they are rich in vegetable oils and nuts, dark chocolate.
  2. Physical activity- the load should be reasonable, useful for jogging, walking, morning exercises, gymnastics, yoga. The long-term seat should be diluted by warming up.
  3. Daily system- In addition to a fruitful working day, a man needs a good rest. The duration of sleep is at least 8 hours, as testosterone is produced at this time.
  4. Hot and cold shower- when poured with cold water improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system.
  5. Psycho-emotional balance- Calmness, balance, resistance to stress, and avoidance of stress and conflict also protect sexual functions from disturbances.


There are a number of medications that directly or indirectly affect a man’s sexual function. And if some help boost erections, increase libido, increase fertility, others reduce potency with their side effects.

Potency reduction

Various powerful drugs can affect sexual function, as libido and erections are directly dependent on the body’s hormonal, cardiovascular, nervous, and other systems. The list of drugs that reduce potency includes:

  1. Bromine drugs such as sedatives and tranquilizers. This component initially enhances inhibition in the brain to properly correlate excitation and inhibition. Excess bromine leads to damage to the central nervous system, which slows down and weakens the processes of sexual arousal.
  2. Antihypertensive drugs. For example, they have been shown to affect not only pressure but also erection quality. Their effect is to slow down blood flow, which affects erections in case of overdose and overuse.
  3. Hormonal drugs such as anabolic steroids and steroids in bodybuilders such as creatine. The answer to the question of whether a protein affects potency may be different. When athletes are supplemented with steroids, it is only negative, if the natural protein is protein, it is positive.
  4. Antidepressants that not only reduce responses to pathogens and negative factors but also reduce libido.

Increasing potency

It is also possible to increase potency by medication if only the doctor prescribes the medication after examining the patient. Potency stimulants include the following basic groups:

  • hormonal - in combination with severe testosterone deficiency, together with sexual dysfunction, testosterone-containing drugs are used;
  • adrenergic blockers - eliminate problems with the functioning of the cardiovascular system, improve blood flow;
  • antispasmodics - eliminates seizures that interfere with the normal functioning of the whole body and genitals;
  • PDE-5 inhibitors - provoke the release of nitric oxide, relax the tissues of the penis to increase blood circulation in the body;
  • herbal stimulants - stabilize erectile function by having a beneficial effect on the whole body in a complex way;
  • Dietary supplements and vitamin supplements - replenish the body's reserves of necessary resources for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Foods that affect potency

Man is what they eat. Accordingly, much depends on nutrition and the work of the reproductive system. Medicine has long identified a list of products that increase potency and those that can cause a decrease.

It has a positive effect

Huge amounts of vitamins, micro- and macroelements, minerals and other substances are responsible for libido, erection and potency. But the main ones are vitamins belonging to groups B, A, E, C, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, etc.

foods and their effects on potential

Accordingly, to increase sexual activity, a man needs to:

  • vegetable oils and nuts- Vitamin E sources that clean blood vessels, improve sperm quality;
  • Seafood- sources of vitamins, zinc and protein needed for normal testosterone production;
  • egg- a source of protein, fatty acids and vitamins, a building block for the synthesis of hormones;
  • lean meat- foods high in protein for muscle growth and normal hormone levels;
  • onions and garlic- the bitterness and spices in the preparation speed up blood flow, increase testosterone production, prevent prostate diseases;
  • Honey- has a complex effect on the whole body, increases immunity, saturates the body with useful resources;
  • solo- red berries increase sperm production and fertility;
  • chocolate- the only positive answer to the question of whether sweets have a good effect on potency, as chocolate promotes the production of serotonin (the pleasure hormone);
  • Grenade- cleanses the blood, strengthens immunity, improves the functioning of the whole body;
  • celery- A source of vitamin C that strengthens the vessel wall, removes toxins, prevents prostatitis;
  • cabbage- the fibers stimulate further testosterone production;
  • Strawberry- a source of zinc needed to produce hormones.

Harmful products

There are also a number of products that have a negative impact on potency. For example, mint in combination with green tea has a known effect, and if you consume it continuously, you can reduce its effectiveness.

This includes:

  • sugar- you can understand if sweetness affects your potency if you know that sugar increases insulin and lowers testosterone levels in the body;
  • salt- raises excess blood pressure, removes fluid, strains the heart muscle, reduces testosterone synthesis;
  • coffee, strong tea, cocoa, chocolate, mate- Excess caffeine in the product dilates blood vessels, impairs blood flow to the testicles, lowers testosterone levels;
  • soda- such drinks contain a lot of sugars, preservatives and acids, which have an excessive diuretic effect, disturbing the distribution of testosterone in the body;
  • alcohol- alcohol leads to the conversion of testosterone to female hormones;
  • smoked meats- contain volatile carcinogens which, in the worst case, may cause toxic damage to testicular tissue;
  • baked goods and muffins- high calorie content leads to overweight, increased insulin levels, which means a decrease in potency;
  • fast food- contain trans fats, preservatives, cholesterol, which contributes to rapid weight gain and reduction of sex hormones.


Knowing the factors that negatively affect sexual function can prevent sexual impotence in a timely manner. Knowing which factors increase potency can quickly improve the condition of the urinary system at the first alarming symptoms. Knowing which foods are harmful to your potential and which are helpful can skillfully put together a diet.