Using folk remedies to increase the potency of men

The problems on the love front, the decline in sexual desire and potency are worrying more and more men of all ages. Faced with such problems, members of the stronger sex try to deal with them on their own, without the intervention of a doctor. Many resort to well-known stimulants, which are by no means harmless and very expensive. Folk remedies to increase the effectiveness of men are no less effective, virtually harmless to health, and require no special expense.

ginseng root for potency

Relatively recently, it has been believed that problems in intimate relationships require at least fifty years to live. Older men did complain of a weakening of sexual desire and potency. Now a lot has changed, and such troubles are not unheard of for young people. Medical statistics are disappointing: erectile dysfunction and low libido are seen in one in three people.

The appearance of such serious problems can be easily explained to any man. Modern man, especially the inhabitant of the metropolis, is exposed daily to factors, all of which have a negative impact on the reproductive system. The reasons for the infringement are as follows:

  • Constant fatigue and stress.
  • Improper and irregular nutrition - use of low quality products, semi-finished products, fast food restaurants.
  • Being overweight is directly related to the previous paragraph to which the lack of physical activity must be added.
  • Frequent drinking and other addictions.
  • Increase in infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the urogenital organs, including sexually transmitted diseases.

Most often, problems with male power are not considered a worthy reason to contact a professional. Instead, one tries to cope alone, and to that end, he tries all sorts of ways that "experienced" friends and widespread commercials advise. At best, it does not bring success, and at worst, it causes other disorders in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. To restore potency, you should see a urologist or andrologist, find the cause of the weakening, and perform the treatment prescribed by a specialist.

consult a doctor to increase potency

In this case, it is not just drugs or physiotherapy that are used. Your doctor will tell you how to increase the effectiveness of men with folk remedies, which drugs are suitable in this case and what is not desirable. It is advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible, because for minor manifestations of erectile dysfunction, the situation is often corrected with the help of medicines made according to the "grandmother's" prescriptions.

Mandatory conditions for increasing potency

vegetables to increase potency

If you want to increase a man’s strength, it is not enough to take a drug therapy course and use herbal decoctions. In order for the treatment to achieve the desired effect, it is first necessary to rethink your usual lifestyle.

To strengthen your potency you need:

  • Change your diet - eat lots of vegetables, fruits and herbs, lean meats and lactic acid products. Do not forget about aphrodisiacs and products needed to improve the condition of the reproductive system: sea fish, squid, shrimp, parsley, celery.
  • Avoid stressful situations if possible, always try to maintain a good mood and a good mood.
  • Watch your weight.
  • Exercise, walk more in the fresh air.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages less often and in very limited quantities, and it is advisable to quit smoking completely.
  • Develop a daily routine.

Sexual abilities depend directly on the levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone. In order to increase its production, it is necessary to get into the body of animal fats. Therefore, men’s daily diet should include lean beef, liver, chicken, turkey and rabbit.


nettle to increase potency

Traditional medicine offers remedies based on various herbal extracts to increase potency. Their effect is to increase blood flow, which leads to the elimination of congestion, more blood to the penis and an increase in the strength of the erection.

Nettle is the undisputed leader in restoring potency. It is made from infusions in combination with other plants:

  • A tablespoon of dried herb is poured into a glass of boiling water and infused for fifteen to twenty minutes. The finished product is divided into three portions and consumed before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Caution should be exercised in men with increased coagulation.
  • Mix five tablespoons of Mayan nettle, clover, St. John’s wort and mint, add a liter of boiling water and let stand for an hour. Take it three times a day.

The effect is enhanced by taking a mixture of a teaspoon of nettle seeds, honey and red wine before a meal.

Second on the list of folk remedies is the ginseng root, which in ancient times was famous in Eastern countries for its erectile-stimulating properties. In ancient times, only noble and wealthy people could use the plant, but today its tincture can be found in any pharmacy or can be made by hand:

  • Grate the root on a fine grater.
  • Mix half a tablespoon of raw material with three hundred and fifty grams of liquid honey.
  • Insist for a week and a half.

Take a teaspoon three times a day for a month or two. After completing the course, sexual desire increases noticeably, erectile dysfunction disappears, and the brightness of the feeling and orgasm increases.

Folk remedies to increase the effectiveness of men are often made using St. John’s wort and thyme. These herbs contain large amounts of zinc, which is needed to produce testosterone, increasing the vitality of sperm.

calamus root to increase potency

To increase the strength of males, the use of calamus root is recommended. To achieve the effect, the plant does not need to undergo any processing - the roots can be peeled and chewed like a chewing gum (up to three small nuts per day). A tincture is also prepared by mixing a portion of the calamus root with five parts alcohol and infusing it for two weeks. You should take twenty to thirty drops of the medicine three times a day for a month.

The use of products based on natural ingredients requires regular, long-term use. Increasing potency with folk remedies is impossible in 3 days, as the positive effect only appears after a few weeks of treatment.

Delicious recipes

  • To make a honey medicine, we mix three hundred grams of honey with a pound of walnuts and a hundred milliliters of aloe juice. Forty grams of the drug should be taken before meals. Two parts honey can be mixed with one part aloe juice and three parts red wine, infused for two weeks and before meals.
  • A mixture of equal amounts of walnuts, raisins, figs and prunes - in the evening it is recommended to consume two tablespoons of this delicacy and wash with sour milk.
  • It is used to make white wine love elixirs, which act immediately after use. To a liter of wine add a glass of orange juice and half a glass of lemon juice, two tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of liqueur, mint, cinnamon and cloves. The mixture is heated (but not boiled), kept in a refrigerator for three days, filtered and taken before intimacy.