Exercises to increase the effectiveness of men

Good strength is a sign of male strength that directly affects self-esteem, resulting in an intimate quality of life. Chronic stress, neurosis, lack of sleep and rest lead to intimate problems, decreased sexual performance, which oppresses the man on a psychological level. Home potency exercises are an easy and quick way to increase efficiency and improve erection quality. Think about when physical activity is needed and which ones are most effective for men’s effectiveness?

Who is signaled for efficiency-enhancing practices?

the doctor prescribes exercise for potency problems

Of course, the exercises needed for an erection are necessary for all men, regardless of age and lifestyle. Their implementation is not only treatment but also prevention of impotence. Special training complexes focus on strengthening the muscles of the perineum, which makes it possible to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Indications for physical activity:

  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Pathology of the urogenital system;
  • Decreased sexual desire;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Low stamina during intercourse.

The problems described are often caused by circulatory disturbances, pelvic congestion. In the presence of these factors is physical. activity provides significant help, increases male strength. If the cause lies in stress and nervous tension, then training also helps, as it promotes the production of a hormone - serotonin - that fights stress and its consequences.

When the decrease in erectile function is due to medication, practices to increase efficacy have little effect. In this case, you should contact your doctor, who will change the medication - replace the medication with a similar medication that does not adversely affect sexual performance.


heart problems as a contraindication to the exercise of potency

Practices to improve efficiency at home have virtually no contraindications. It is recommended to refrain from physical activity in the background of exacerbation of urinary tract infections with respiratory and cold diseases accompanied by fever, fever, general malaise.

Contraindications include the inflammatory process in the pelvic area, as increased blood circulation during exercise can provoke the spread of inflammation and worsen the health condition. Physical activity is not recommended for oncological processes of any localization.

Cardiovascular disease is a relative contraindication. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor, as a disproportionate load can lead to complications. Factors such as the age of the man and the diseases associated with it should be taken into account.

In obese men, the load on the heart, blood vessels and joints is strong. If you start training suddenly, it will lead to a deterioration in well-being. In case of obesity, all loads should be administered. If symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness occur, the exercise is stopped immediately.

A complex of general strengthening exercises

push-ups to increase efficiency

Exercises to improve efficiency consist of two parts. These are general strengthening exercises and direct training of the PC muscle (pubic-coccygeal muscle). General strengthening exercises focus on normalizing blood flow, compensating for stagnation, and increasing muscle tone and endurance.

The pubococcygeal muscle is responsible for potency and sexual health. If you are strong and trained, you will have no problems with your prostate, the process of urination. Otherwise, a man experiences a whole host of intimate problems - premature ejaculation, poor erections, low potency and libido.

To start training your PC muscle, you must first find that muscle. The easiest way to feel it when urinating is to put two fingers between your testicles and your anus and stop urinating for 2-3 seconds with the tension of the same muscle. It will be clearly felt under the fingers. As an alternative to the search - a little "shake" the erect penis: at this moment, the muscle tension can be clearly felt.

Exercises related to erectile function, especially PC muscle training, have the following characteristics:

  1. The essence of training is the alternating relaxation and tension of the PC muscle.
  2. You can train the pubic muscles while sitting, standing, lying down.
  3. To increase the effectiveness of the lesson, you should stretch the muscle on a full exhale, holding your breath.
  4. The increase in load is carried out gradually.
  5. Inhalation is recommended during the session through the nose and through the mouth.
  6. Each workout takes place 120 minutes after a meal. Do not exercise on an empty stomach.

During exercise, it is recommended to follow a drinking pattern - drink at least two liters of clear fluid daily. You do not need to drink during the lesson as the load on the cardiovascular system increases.


squatting to increase efficiency

Squatting is an effective exercise to increase the effectiveness of men. Such an occupation has been known since the physical education classes of the school years. The man is standing straight, his legs shoulder-width apart. The foot sock should be turned slightly outwards - this will allow you to reduce the load on your knee joints.

As you perform the exercise, you need to stretch the muscles in your perineum and buttocks, trying to put your weight back on - as if a man wanted to sit in a chair. In the lower position, they linger for 3-5 seconds and then slowly return to their original position. Start with 10 sets a day and one workout. After a week, you can increase the number of approaches up to 30-50 times.

Rotation by the pool

The rotation of the pelvis helps to get rid of impotence. This is a simple exercise that not all members of the stronger can do. It helps to normalize blood circulation at the level of pelvic congestion, which increases efficiency. Starting position: stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands at waist. You will then need to rotate the pool: 40-50 times in both directions.

Running or walking in place

jogging to increase potency

Not everyone has the opportunity to jog in the park. Alternatively, exercise is recommended - running or walking. The legs should be raised as high as possible so that the knees touch the abdomen. During training, the hands also perform active movements.

Enough to "run" for 8-10 minutes a day. To keep you from getting bored, you can turn on an interesting video or music. For normal neighbors, running on site can be replaced with a skipping rope.

Improved arch or bridge

To increase efficiency, an exercise called an advanced arch is included in the strength training complex. The man lies down on the floor, bends his knees, his arms are placed along the body. Then you need to slowly tear off the surface and lift your hips - rest your heels and palms on the floor. When lifting, the buttocks are tightened as much as possible. In this position, lock for 30 seconds, return to the starting position.

With each workout, the hip retention time increases by 10 seconds, gradually reaching two minutes. A workout includes 5-8 approaches. More are possible provided you feel good.

The series of exercises described will help increase testosterone production, relieve uncontrolled ejaculation, enhance feelings during intercourse, and improve sperm characteristics. Regular exercise is a good prevention against stagnation and circulatory disorders, infections of the urogenital system and prostate cancer. You need to do it for at least two months every day to achieve the desired effect. If the situation improves, you can switch to 2-3 workouts a week.