List of 33 products to increase efficiency

We offer potency products, a list of which can be found in this article with an explanation. But first, let’s explain what the role of food is in increasing male strength.

First, however, we explain that potency-enhancing products are those that contain all the vitamins necessary for male reproductive function, especially zinc and selenium, as well as a complete list of micro- and macroelements.

Their presence in the male body contributes to the normal activity of the male reproductive system, enhancing libido, desire and readiness at any time of the day to spend a stormy night with a partner of the opposite sex.

Therefore, such products for the effectiveness of men should be in the daily diet to eliminate body deficiency.

useful products to increase efficiency

Products that increase the effectiveness of men - seafood

Seafood is a potency-boosting product that best strengthens masculine strength. This is made possible by the composition of essential minerals and vitamins (the most important are iodine, zinc, selenium, dopamine, etc. ).

Shells- This dish was the first for Casanova. This product increases potency by stimulating testosterone production in the male body, increasing libido and overall male health. It contains iodine, zinc, selenium and dopamine, which increase libido.

Shells- have a noticeable effect on a man's body due to its high zinc content (a record of this vitamin is recorded), which, as described above, is an important vitamin in men's health.

Squid, shrimp and crab- contain selenium and zinc. Regular consumption increases men's health, sperm production and libido.

Caviar- in the composition of folic acid, proteins, selenium, zinc and fast digestible proteins. Great for strengthening masculine strength.

Flounder and mackerel- 2 fish, rich in phosphorus and able to increase the attraction to a woman and increase stamina during intimacy.

In general, what we have listed in the list above are products that are useful in terms of potency, but it is advisable to choose from the fish the sea or ocean weeks of their river counterparts. And the list of fish itself can be expanded with salmon, trout and other sturgeon fish.

These are all products that increase the effectiveness of men in this category. Furthermore, our story will be about what helps you get fast results.

to increase products quickly

Potency plants for fast-acting men

Are there fast-acting products for men's effectiveness? Yes, there are.

Garlic and onions.Root vegetables, partly associated with spices, with their high content of vitamins and minerals, as well as special volatile compounds, help activate blood circulation, increase testosterone levels and effectiveness. Their regular use protects against prostatitis and its complications. Garlic is also rich in selenium, an essential ingredient for men’s health. Well, onions have even been banned in monasteries for food because they have a high libido capacity and help decide how long they don’t finish.

Onion seeds.Crush them in a mortar, add the same amount of honey, and use 10 grams three times a day. In complex therapy, it cures prostatitis and increases sexual arousal.

Honey and beekeeping products.A true natural healer. Take a rule on the daily consumption of royal jelly, and after a while (faster than from other products and tools), you will notice that you become more excited when you look at the opposite sex and your stamina in bed increases noticeably.

Walnuts - walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and almonds.Esters, fiber, protein and high amino acid content, which increase blood circulation, significantly increase efficiency.

These products are quick-acting, but should be consumed regularly, not from time to time. Especially honey walnuts, which have a teaspoon daily strengthens efficiency.

List of other efficiency - enhancing products

Chicken and quail eggs.It contains many beneficial substances that are important for the male body, but the cholesterol that they contain in excess is extremely important for a man, as cholesterol is the substance from which male sex hormones are built, and lowering cholesterol also reduces testosterone levels. . Therefore, eggs will be used only in moderation and up to 1 per day positively and without harm to health.

Red grapes- Products that improve efficiency may not be without this berry, which promotes sperm production, but activates this process with Resveratol. More berries a day actively improves a man’s health.

Celery- a product that increases efficacy due to the high content of vitamin "C", phosphorus and calcium. Eat fresh in salads. Consuming it at least once a week prevents prostatitis.

Chocolate (bitter)- serotonin, the hormone of pleasure and pleasure, which the body begins to produce after entering the stomach, contributes to the growth of the state of love. But everywhere you need a measurement, it is enough to eat no more than 50 grams. daily chocolate to achieve the effect, soon tasted in intimate relationships. Powerful libido enhancer, almost an aphrodisiac.

Pomegranate (berries and juice)- these are excellent products to improve potency, you can use either berries or juice (but only natural), 200-300 gr. Daily juice increases sweat endurance (prolongs intimate contact) and libido.

Cabbage (including sauerkraut)- Any self-esteemed man who is looking for products that increase efficiency should adhere to this product in his diet every day because of its specificity of enhancing the activation of testosterone production. 200 - 500 grams. daily, a perfectly acceptable ratio that helps the body increase hormone production.

Strawberry- these are products that can immediately increase the effectiveness of men. They contain a lot of zinc. As you know, it plays a vital role in men’s health. Zinc helps increase testosterone. Strawberries help in love games and increase efficiency.

Spices- have a great impact on increasing human efficiency. They behave excitingly, which is why they are referred to as aphrodisiacs.

Cereals(barley, beans, peas, oatmeal and millet) - these cereals contain magnesium and actively contribute to increasing the production of so-called free testosrenone in the body. And more importantly, it inhibits circulatory disorders and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Male potency products can be listed immediately

Energy drinks.Of course, they should be added to the list of banned ones (chapter at the end of the article). But if you need to increase efficiency quickly, they are more suitable than any other product. Other. A drunken energy exchange can give you a short-term boost in increasing your sexual strength, which won’t last long. But at the same time, your body gets a load on your blood vessels and heart muscles. Their long-term use leads to heart attacks and even strokes.

Ground coffee- Only natural ground coffee, which you buy in beans, will increase your strength in a gentle moment. Don’t skimp yourself on coffee that doesn’t fall into the cheap category. 2-3 times a day, if you drink this drink in small portions (not in glasses, as we usually drink at home), the blood vessels dilate and blood flow increases. Sip a cup of this refreshing drink a few minutes before intimacy with your underwear and marvel at her endurance in bed.

Leuzea tincture- does not apply to products, but we can not write about it here, because it helps to increase testosterone levels and thus strengthens efficiency. This treatment is aided by a pounding in the gym to help the body raise testosterone, which it copes well with.

Avocado- With 100% approval, we can say that this is a product made for men to increase efficiency. Its continuous use actively regulates the male reproductive functions and, in combination with other products, promotes the increase of the male strength.

Celery root juice - (freshly squeezed), testosterone levels and therefore potency are sometimes able. They drink an hour before the pleasures of love. In general, regular use is desirable.

Perfect(natural). The drink is rich in zinc, which helps to increase the activation of the male genitals.

Figure- is considered a strong aphrodisiac as it promotes the blood flow of masculinity.

Watermelon- or rather watermelon juice, contains acid, the effect of which stimulates efficiency by improving hematopoiesis.

Horseradish root- the strongest treatment for the treatment of inflammation in the urogenital area of a man. It refers to an aphrodisiac.

various products to improve efficiency

What foods improve efficiency

To the question, "What foods enhance your potential the best? " And we continue our list with a few more products that actively contribute to better performance of your dignity.

Kumisz- mare's milk activates a man's stamina, enhances reproductive functions and increases the ability to love pleasures.

Date and figure- dried dates and figs are considered an aphrodisiac in the countries where they are grown.

Parsley, coriander, celery, dill, spinach- if consumed regularly, this vegetable is a joy of love to man. And it will have a positive effect on the production of male sex hormones.

Parsley root- The amazingly rich and rich composition of vitamins and microelements in this root vegetable makes it essential in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the urogenital system. And it tones the prostate gland, reducing congestion. When asked which products increase efficiency are considered the best, parsley root can be placed first in this list, and its regular use helps to get rid of and prevent many diseases, some of which can reduce the intimate sphere. a man.

Ginger root- the list of vitamins, micro- and macroelements (including men’s health) at this root is huge. In ancient times it meant fabulous money. It should be consumed in moderation and preferably fresh (not pickled and not in powder form). Ginger invigorates and gives strength, so another useful answer to the question of which products improve efficiency.

Meat- beef, pig, rabbit, lamb and chicken are the most essential products for the production of protein and cholesterol (but in moderation), including, as mentioned above, cholesterol is the main building block of testosterone. Who wouldn’t know that a good piece of meat and a glass of red wine ignite the passion? But its use in regular and large doses is contraindicated, remember the sense of proportion.

Milk(fermented milk) - cottage cheese, yoghurts, cheeses and other fermented milk products have a beneficial effect on the male reproductive function. But it should be understood that fermented dairy products increase the effectiveness of men, but in combination with other foods and not separately.

Vegetables- you have to be in your diet every day. Many of them will express themselves in further stimulating their desire to use other products that increase men’s effectiveness.

Apples- this fruit should be in the man's diet every day, in which case everything will be fine with the man's health. Make it a rule to eat 1 apple every day.
You’ve just read about what products increase men’s effectiveness, and now we’ll briefly list what you need to exclude from your diet, which will have the exact opposite effect.

Remember once and for all that the male potency products you have just read about should only be eaten in moderation. Keep in mind that this measure is needed everywhere. And even the most useful, if there is a lot of it, can become useful to useless.

Potentially harmful products

  1. Alcoholic drinks. The exception is red wine in medium quantities. Everything else, such as vodka, especially beer (high in female hormones), liqueurs, etc. should be excluded.
  2. Smoked, fried, salty. Reduce your consumption of salty and sweet foods (including pure salt and sugar).
  3. Coffee and tea should be drunk in moderation, preferring not the number of cups you drink per day, but the quality of the coffee. Cilantro is harmful in large doses, but not beneficial.
  4. All types of fast food and energy drinks can be consumed up to 1 time per month.
  5. Soy - this cereal contains huge amounts of female hormones.
  6. Mayonnaise, hot sauces, margarine, liver pate, white bread with yeast.
  7. A food high in cholesterol as it is actively involved in blocking blood vessels, reducing their elasticity and thereby impairing blood flow, including the pelvic organs.
  8. Oil made from flaxseed, corn, and soybeans damages spermatogenesis in the most negative way.
  9. Skip the yeast bread. There are now bakeries and departments in every city that sell yeast-free bread.
  10. They smoke everything because they contain large amounts of substances that actively degrade the image of the production of the male hormone testosterone in the body.

Your diet should therefore include products that increase men’s effectiveness and not come from the list above, from which you are unlikely to get it improved.

This list of 31 foods has potency and increased activity in bed. But let’s not forget that seeing a doctor is the best way out of this situation, and food products that increase efficiency are just a supplement to keeping a strong male strength at the right level, helping to prolong sex and ability, among other things. to live in close contact with a woman until old age. . .

In addition, products that increase men’s effectiveness actively protect against negative effects and destructive factors and help men’s health with the presence of nutrients in their composition.