How to tell if a man is horny?

The girl excites the man

A partner’s willingness to intimacy can be determined not only by the condition of the penis. An erection is not always visible, but it is often important for a woman to be aware of what she loves. It is easy to understand that one was easily and excited by other, often not very direct, signs.

Non-verbal cues

Whether or not a person shows interest in an object of the opposite sex through the outward manifestations of behavior and the reactions of the body. Non-verbal messages from your partner will help you understand your status and willingness to have sex. Often the repetition of actions speaks of his desire. This "reflection" is a clear symptom of passion and a desire for a closer relationship.

In communication, the man caught by the passion tries to get closer, reduces the distance from the object of desire, and this action is performed automatically, without consciousness. Furthermore, she tries to touch the woman with her hand or foot, to make physical contact, but that doesn’t mean the excited partner develops an attack without following the rules.

The relationship will be quite casual, easy, without obsession, but you can clearly feel the excitement a man experiences during such contact. A woman understands that this behavior is not accidental, seeing the perseverance and some nervousness of human behavior.

It is also important to record external manifestations in human behavior. In a moment of excitement, he tries to straighten his shoulders, draw his stomach, present his figure in a favorable light. Often because of the excitement, the partner starts licking her lips, holding her chin, nose or ears with her fingers, which is also typical of women.

Signs of a man's verbal arousal can be reduced to a small list of his behaviors:

  • an excited man tries to please a woman - move a chair, open a door, carry something or serve;
  • seeks to reduce communication distances;
  • during a conversation one tries to make easy physical contact;
  • a man burning with passion for a woman does everything he can to be alone more often.

Poses of a man

Excited man posing

The need to implicitly demonstrate sexual attraction arose in an age of strict rules and regulations, when attitudes toward the intimate process were taboo by moral codes and church norms. Both the man and the woman had to prove to their partner their willingness to act without fear of publicity and public distrust. In such cases, nonverbal cues made it possible to learn about likes and desires.

Wanting a woman and not showing her is wrong, from a normal man’s perspective. Therefore, a potential partner unconsciously or unconsciously tries to show interest in the object of desire through sexual movements and postures.

The man shows most gestures and postures at the reflex level without noticing their sexual orientation towards the woman. Some of them clearly indicate interest, others are more hidden, and only a ready-to-connect girl reads them.

When a man sees an attractive woman, he involuntarily begins to issue an "alpha male. "It indicates a willingness to have sexual intercourse with a confident posture and shows a high tone of the physical condition of your own body. This usually manifests itself in the following manifestations:

  • the man straightens his back and shoulders;
  • trying to pull the stomach deeper;
  • when a man is standing, his legs are shoulder-width apart, showing special stability and a strong position;
  • It is also important to keep track of the position of the socks in a man’s shoes, if any attractive person is interested, they are targeting that woman;
  • if a man sits in a chair, he involuntarily spreads his legs so that, as if demonstrating his own genitals, he is ready to mate.

The involuntary posture and gestures of a man who wants to take possession of a woman he likes often resembles the behavior of male monkeys during rowing and mating games, indicating the common roots of primates and humans.

Gestures of aroused man

The excited man begins to straighten his clothes and hair, hoping to attract the woman's attention with his appearance. Instead of walking angular and hard, he moves quickly like an athlete while correcting flaws in his figure, straightening and removing his stomach. Glow appears in the eyes, the facial skin tightens automatically, and the bags under the eyes disappear on their own. Usually, passion makes a person much younger and really more desirable to a friend.

Now, such a gesture is rarely used, and many have forgotten about it, but even fifty years ago, the thumbs behind the trouser strap were a rough, ostentatious act against a woman aimed at presenting her own genitals.

The man's delay says a lot about the object of desire. When a woman looks into her eyes for a little longer than the etiquette requires, it indicates that she is excited and willing to have a closer relationship.

The position of the hands on the hips shows the woman the man’s physical superiority over his other competitors, his strength and power, and therefore his readiness to reproduce.

Interestingly, women are more sensitive to manifestations of male attention and quickly notice any tricks of a potential partner until a guy can understand the compassion shown by the girl for a long time.

Physical manifestations

Excited man with woman

In man, the state of arousal is manifested not only by the erection of the penis, but also by other, often less obvious, physiological signs.

A man exposed to passion often straightens the details of his clothes, loosens the tie knot, which literally begins to suffocate. Breathing becomes rhythmic, the tone of the sound may become lower, the gaze blurred, the pulse accelerates, the blood pressure soars. The characteristics of the behavior during this period are very difficult to hide from external attention, and even more so from the object of desire - a woman immediately catches such signals and consciously acknowledges them.

A man may be aroused not only by the direct manifestations of a woman’s sexuality, but also by obsessive thoughts about intimacy. The next wave of passion will captivate your partner, his behavior will vary depending on your temperament and hormonal levels. Common signs of erotic tension are the physiological indicators listed above, which are similar to a state of stress in terms of symptoms. In addition to rapid breathing and heartbeat, changes in sound and pressure, increased muscle tone, dilated pupils, and increased salivation are observed.

An erection releases clear fluid from the penis, which does not contain sperm, but a kind of lubricant that allows it to penetrate a woman’s vagina without much effort. It rises along the walls of the urethra and remains in the form of a drop on the head of the penis.

Fat comes from the Cooper gland and contains various enzymes. This clear liquid has several functions:

  • removes residual urine in the urethra;
  • the alkaline composition of the lubricant neutralizes the acidic environment of the woman's vagina;
  • the viscous consistency of the lubricant allows the urethra to be prepared for the release of sperm;
  • the lubricant allows you to apply friction during intercourse without damaging the delicate skin.
Sexual relationship between men and women

The amount of lubricant depends on the individual characteristics of the male body and can range from a small drop to 5 ml. The main purpose of fluid selection is to provide a favorable environment for conceiving a child. Neutralization of the acidic atmosphere of the vagina is necessary to increase the survival rate of active sperm.

The main sign of a man’s sexual arousal is an erection of the penis. Due to the increased blood supply to the penis, the cavernous bodies are filled with plasma and the size of the organ noticeably increases in length and width.

The change in penis size when rigid compared to normal depends on the unique characteristics of the male body, but it has been noticed that a small penis grows noticeably larger than a more stunning organ.

The erect penis will be hard and flexible, as a result of which the penetration of the woman’s vagina is ensured, the man is now fully ready for intercourse, and the passion flares up even more.

By penetrating a woman’s bosom, the man’s body is even more involved in the process of sexual intercourse. The heart rate increases, the muscle tension reaches its limit, the pressure rises even higherSexand it becomes almost impossible to curb passion.

The culmination of male sexual intercourse is ejaculation followed by orgasm. The pleasure lasts for 5-10 seconds and occurs due to the contraction of the smooth muscles of the prostate gland while pushing the eye fluid filled with millions of sperm.

During orgasm, you may hear sudden sounds and moans. The amount of sperm depends on the person's build and the duration of abstinence.