What vitamins will increase the strength of the?

The decline in the activities of the male can occur at any age, depending upon a variety of factors that affect the production of male hormones. Sexual energy and the libido is directly affected by the consumption of foods and nutrients. Vitamins for men to improve the potency and greatly improve the chances of healthy offspring.

Vitamins for power

Men need to eat right, but there are some cases where there are no drugs you can do. The diet should be balanced and varied.

The causes that have a negative impact on the functioning of the male sexual organs

The stress, the destructive influence of modern pace of life, bad habits have a negative impact on a man's body. A special risk group is made up of men above 35 years of age. In this age of reduced intensity, due to the small amount present in your body, testosterone.

Reduced strength can be developed because of the following reasons:

  • Excessive physical activity.
  • Heredity.
  • Pathology of the nervous system.
  • Obsessive fears, anxiety, nervousness, has a negative effect on the psyche.
  • The lack of the male hormones as a result of the shortcomings of the endocrine cells.
  • Smoking, alcohol abuse, use of drugs.
  • The use of certain medications.
  • The inhibitory effect of the organic label.
  • A wrong diet.
  • Neurological disease.
  • The use of drugs with activity against depression.
  • The reduced motor activity.

How do you improve strength?

Every human being needs to have a full sex life, it has to be serious to their health. To increase the efficiency of the men, there is a need to monitor their diet and choose the right one.

Thank you for a well-chosen diet of the essential nutrients and minerals every day, to be ingested after they eat. The increase in sexual activity can be a daily intake of fruit, vegetables, seafood, healthy products to enhance the performance.

The elements that are necessary for the completion of the work of the germ cells

Food sources of zinc

A sufficient quantity of alcohol to food, which is important for the ability to enhance the power of women. The small amount present in the body, which reduces the complex systems and organs that are responsible for the fertilization, and develops impotence. 14, the me that is enough of a daily dosage for the improvement of the reproductive function.

This is an element of the shape of the molecules, the main sex hormone, is responsible for the improvement in erection. Zinc is the primary micronutrient to increase the mobility of male germ cells.

Foods rich in zinc: fish, wheat bran, nuts, seafood. The daily use of these products has a beneficial effect on the strength and greatly improve your erection.

The day full use of selenium and vitamin E to improve the quality of the sperm. With these elements, treatment of infertility, and significantly increase the production of testosterone. Selenium is found in meat, grains, cereals, nuts, apples, and eggs.

To maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system, and normalize the blood pressure and helps the presence in the body of potassium. A large quantity of this element is in bananas, dairy products, beans, pumpkin, wheat germ, tomatoes.

The daily intake of the fortified food to improve men's strength, and has a beneficial effect on the normal functioning of an erection. To obtain the required amount of the desired components of the food rich with nutrients, or by purchasing special medicines from the pharmacy.

A beneficial effect of vitamin E raised to the power of. This is an element that helps to to increase libido, and sperm production and male hormones, normalizes the endocrine system. A lack of vitamin E with a reduced number of red blood cells and the blood stream.

The Vitamin c potency, it is especially important in the winter time. The sources of this substance are seafood, milk, quail eggs.

Vitamin C plays an important role for potency in men, it is important to consume ascorbic acid in an amount of 200 mg per day. The blood vessels will get a special resilience and strength, with vitamin.

What other vitamins are good for?

The benefits and value of ascorbic acid was determined, and is in the process of the body's immune system. Most are rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits, rose hips, red bell pepper, bread, parsley, sea buckthorn.

Vitamin a normalizes the immune and reproductive system, improves the growth and development of cells in all the organs. This can be obtained through the consumption of vegetables, red, liver, butter, cheese, parsley. This is normal for the capacity of men to imagine, that it would be in the way.

Eat the adequate amounts of the vitamin B 1 is to increase the productivity and actions of men. Fatigue reduces the normal functioning of the reproductive system and, therefore, it is important to daily consume a vitamin in an amount of 1 to 3 mg.

The disappearance of the muscle weakness, frequent headaches, they are advised to take nicotinic acid. It has a positive effect on the process of the activation of the part of the brain cells, relieves fatigue, creates a positive environment for a healthy sleep. To obtain a nicotinic acid by the body in its entirety, it is recommended to include in the menu of the fish products, beets and brewer's yeast are also rich in this element.

Vitamins to enhance the effectiveness of the sex lives of men, they are pyridoxine. The recommended intake of pyridoxine per day of 2-2,5 mg.

Food sources of B1

He contributes to the elimination of fatigue, muscle weakness. A lot of pyridoxine is found in bananas, shrimp, tuna.

Increased anxiety, restlessness, and fatigue of the last intake of folic acid(vitamin B9). Folic acid is provided to increase the likelihood of understanding, the improvement of testosterone levels and reduces the risk of the development of pathology in any of the offspring.

Folic acid is found in brewer's yeast, egg yolks, milk, dairy products, mushrooms, oranges, dark-green vegetables. The proper intake of a substance that will improve the health, free from anxiety, fatigue.

Medicinal products for the production of testosterone

The modern period of time developed a wide range of medicinal products that contain vitamins for male potency. The intake of these medicines helps to restore men's strength and beneficial effect on the full-fledged sexual activity.

Don't forget that in the of the male reproductive system is an important adverse effect of bad habits. For the men, watch your health, and seriously concerned about the state of the reproductive function, it is advisable to give up Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in combination with medications increases the chances of a favorable development of the body of a male.

Use of drugs is recommended only after consulting with your doctor first. Vitamins for potency, it is to drink when you really discover the problem. A proper diet, including plenty of nutrients, and will help to overcome men's problems with sexual dysfunction, and to strengthen the body as a whole.

The completion of the

Vitamins to improve potency-is an important addition to the complex of measures for the fight against the disease. What vitamins are needed for you to, that is, you may want to contact your health care provider.