Fluid and mucus during an erection: what to do with these symptoms

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Mucosal secretions from the urethra during the setting up of a grayish tint, in young men during puberty, involuntary ejaculation at night due to prolonged abstinence, and finally sperm during orgasm are natural fluids of a healthy person. All other can be considered pathologies. These may be the first signs of a serious illness. Have you noticed that fluid and mucus flow during an erection? What to do in this case? If during the erection the secretion has an unpleasant odor that is different from the transparent hue, contains blood clots, you should see a doctor immediately.

Excretion and abnormalities in a healthy person

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If onea clear mucus is released during an erection, then it indicates the health of the urogenital organs and is called:

  • urethrorrhoea - fluid when excited has no odor and color, occurs in the morning after a night's sleep, or during an erection before sexual intercourse. Its amount depends on the individual physiological characteristics of the man. Such a transparent discharge during an erection promotes the passage of sperm through the urethral canal and contains some male gametes. This is not an abnormal process;
  • spegma - fat produced by the sebaceous glands in the area of the vaginal penis. If a man takes a shower in time and is conscientious about his personal hygiene, the fatty material will not accumulate and wash off without residue. If you do not wash off such mucus in time during an erection, it will serve as an excellent medium for many pathogenic microorganisms and will also acquire an unpleasant odor over time. This leads to prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis and other unpleasant diseases.

Any other discharge from the penis during an erection indicates the presence of inflammatory or non-infectious inflammation.

During a man's erection, blood clots and an unpleasant odor of a color other than the transparent color can cause:

  • gonorrhea and chlamydia;
  • candidiasis or genital herpes;
  • ureaplasma or mycoplasma inflammation;
  • trichomoniasis.

This is the infectious nature of the appearance of pathogenic fluids and mucus from the vaginal penis. Non-infectious include:

  • mechanical action leading to injury to the head of the penis;
  • allergic manifestations;
  • use of drugs;
  • harmful effects of toxic chemicals;
  • narrowing of the urethral lumen.

In all pathologies, an erection releases fluid that differs in quantity, color, and odor. This is due to the different inflammatory processes, their intensity and origin.

The allocation in these cases:

  • confused if they contain a large number of infected cells;
  • thick, greyish in hue if high in dead dermis and fat;
  • yellowish or greenish, indicating the presence of purulent inflammation;
  • contains blood droplets or blood clots.

In this situation, it is not possible to visually determine exactly what makes a man sick. To do this, it is essential to perform a number of diagnostic studies and analyzes.

What does the release of men mean?

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Whitish fluids and mucus indicate the appearance of candidiasis and are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • the head of the penis is covered with a white coating that dries out and acquires a sour yeast odor;
  • in this area severe itching and burning, scabies and pain begin in the perineum;
  • the erection produces white mucus. It also occurs during urination and intimate contact.

Transparent secret feature:

  • chlamydia;
  • ureaplasmosis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • trichomoniasis.

Gradually, if you do not take any action, the liquid will turn yellow or green. This is evidence of an increase in leukocytes and inflammatory processes in the blood, which can lead to not only prostatitis but also prostate cancer. It is accompanied by sharp painful feelings and can occur before intercourse, throughout the day or even at night.

When an erection is released, yellow mucus is released.

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This is the first sign that a man may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. The yellow hue is the presence of pus, urethral mucus, and increased white blood cell count. In this case, gonorrhea is also accompanied by severe pain during urination, and the mucus has a very unpleasant rotten odor. Trichomoniasis does not manifest for a long time. But after a while, the pain becomes unbearable when traveling to the toilet and in a relaxed state, especially in the lower abdomen and perineum.

Fluids and mucus with blood

Accompanied by infectious diseases such as gonorrhea, Trichomonas, candidal prostatitis. They can be caused by a variety of injuries resulting from non-professional diagnostic testing. For example, when using a catheter during cytoscopy or bougienage. But the blood fluid in such cases has a short-lived, scarlet shade and contains no impurities.

The presence of blood may indicate the movement of stones. In such a situation, the liquid is colorless, odorless, but only blood clots or ichor. It is usually accompanied by painful feelings.

The biggest danger in detecting blood from the penis is cancer. And not just the prostate. Cancer cells may be present in the kidneys, ureters, bladder, testes. Emptying accompanies the man throughout the day, leaving dark spots dried on his underwear that have no odor of any kind.

It is impossible to overcome the pathological changes in the human body in color, smell, quantity and discharge time. To do this, you must undergo a full examination and diagnosis by professionals. Moreover, if they are accompanied by uncomfortable and painful feelings.