Increased efficacy in men after 60 years without consequences

Common problems with erectile function at a later age. In old age, the production of a hormone such as testosterone in men is halved and in some its content reaches 30% of the total norm. Restoring efficiency after 60 years is a very difficult process. We have to resort to different treatment methods. However, despite the complexity of the therapy, male strength can return at the age of 70, subject to strict adherence to the therapeutic rules prescribed by the doctor.

Functional characteristics of the reproductive system in 60-year-old men

increasing the potential of men after 60 years

At the age of 60, sexual negligence is not considered commonplace. In old age, interpersonal relationships between couples change greatly. The attraction becomes stronger as there is time to pay attention to the couple.

By the age of 60, your sex life will be quieter and you should be regular. However, for sexual desire, his body had to be monitored.

By the age of 60, it greatly reduces the levels of testosterone male sex hormone production by the testes. Testosterone plays an important role in the human body. In particular, his lack begins to bother him at the age of 40, when the body is unable to be as active as before.

Despite the low potential for sexual activity due to testosterone levels, sexual desire for the opposite sex remains at the same level.

It should be noted that with the transition to older age groups, loss of erectile function is a natural process. After the age of 65, every year can be sexually the last. But the depletion of a man's power can be postponed indefinitely.

For the first symptoms, it is recommended to change your lifestyle: change the environment, spend more time in the fresh air.

Reasons for weakening potency

The following factors contribute to the premature loss of male strength:

  1. Tobacco Product Addiction. Tobacco has a very strong effect on the human vascular system. This is especially true for the lower extremities, where blood flow must flow in large volumes. Tobacco products constrict blood vessels, preventing good permeation of blood vessels. In addition, smoking is one of the factors in the development of atherosclerosis, which in turn alters the vascular system even more, creating the preconditions for blood clot formation.
  2. Frequent use of alcoholic beverages.Men who consume alcohol are more likely to suffer from impotence than those who avoid excessive alcohol consumption. This is especially true for beer lovers. When you drink a intoxicated drink, the amount of female hormone in the human body increases greatly. The imbalance between the female and male hormones changes not only the appearance but also the internal processes of the body. Among the internal processes - the lack of testosterone in the testicles, which leads to impaired sexual activity.
  3. Medication Use. All types of light and strong drugs fall into this category. Drugs affect the whole body, including the immune system and the vascular system. They damage their abilities and prevent proper healing. As a result, the structure of the systems changes and the body is unable to function properly.
  4. Note!Marijuana is especially strong in the development of impotence. Its composition has a negative effect on the production of many important hormones required for sexual activity.

  5. Pathology of the urinary system.The problem with efficacy may not be limited to the presence or imbalance of hormones. Sometimes bladder diseases contribute to the development of potency. Any inflammatory process in the body is not only considered to be the cause of male strength problems.
  6. Low body activity. Frequent sitting or inactivity leads to a decrease in blood flow to the body. Because the vascular system is seen as the foundation of everything, including efficiency, its minor changes lead to problems.
  7. Psychology. Separately, among the factors, it is worth noting the psychological problems that lead to potential. Constant stress or excessive pressure on the central nervous system affects the whole body. This can all occur after a physical problem such as genital trauma or psychological trauma. Psychological trauma is particularly difficult to treat. Such injury can occur, for example, in the case of accidental sexual desire or as a result of unconscious changes in hormones.
  8. Fatigue. Particular attention should be paid to body tone. Constant physical and mental stress can exhaust the body. Symptoms of chronic fatigue or drowsiness appear.
  9. Complications of vascular disease. As already mentioned, vascular problems disrupt the functioning of all organs, including the urinary system. Attention should be paid to post-disease complications. For example, after vegetative-vascular dystonia or genital disorders.
  10. There is a constant imbalance of nutrients in the body.Maintaining proper nutrition is especially important at a later age. At the age of 60, the body cannot fight the harmful fats and bacteria that enter the oral cavity. Therefore, the diet should be monitored. It is necessary to eat a food with a complex of more vitamins and minerals and a food with less trans fats and hormones.

Incremental modes

how to increase efficiency in adulthood

Be sure to consult your doctor before choosing treatment for adult erectile dysfunction.

Proper nutrition

A normal diet guarantees health at the age of 60. It has been noticed that a properly chosen diet prolongs the function of an erection for up to 80 years.

The following foods should be included in the diet:

  1. Increase the amount of fiber;
  2. Reduce the amount of salt in your body;
  3. Eat more seafood, stabilizing the nervous system;
  4. Limit your consumption of cholesterol-containing foods;
  5. Add nutrients containing magnesium and calcium to your diet;
  6. Reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages, especially strong alcohol.

Sports activities

Active sports lead to an improvement in the cardiovascular system.

There are all ways to pass the active time:

  1. Exercises for the pool area.Exercise should be relaxing and should not strain the groin area. The goal of the exercise is to increase blood flow to the pelvic region.
  2. Aerobic training. Like practice, practice pours blood perfectly into the lumbar area. Along with the blood, other useful substances rush.
  3. Yoga. This type of exercise is not only physically but also psychologically beneficial. Each exercise contributes to the relaxation and stimulation of the area in need of therapy.

Consult your doctor before choosing a treatment. In some cases, the load negatively affects the condition of the body and, in general, male strength.

Regular sex life

Permanent sex is used to keep the body in good condition. This is especially needed in the basin area, where the main organs responsible for hormone production are concentrated.


increased efficacy after 60 years of drug treatment

Medicines should only be used in cases where a chemical imbalance results in efficacy. In case of psychological problems, the use of drugs can only be used as a placebo. This is due to the fact that psychological problems are not associated with the presence of bacteria or infections in the body, are merely a psychological barrier, and are only treated by a sexologist or psychotherapist.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies are most commonly used for the first symptoms of potency. It should be noted, however, that prescriptions are also used for advanced diseases.

Beekeeping products are most commonly used as a base. The products are used to make tinctures, decoctions and ointments.