What does male potency depend on?

what is the potency in men

The male body is affected by many factors. Each affects the condition of the erection to some extent.

What depends on efficiency is an issue that many men are interested in.

Classification of internal causes

Each factor can be divided into several groups:

  • psychological;
  • physiological;
  • is ​​constitutional.


Emotional state strongly affects a man's erectile condition. The effect is in some cases more pronounced than age, blood testosterone levels, and the condition of the genital vessels.

This means that even a young man with normal physical parameters can suffer from erectile dysfunction that has developed underlying psychological factors.

The main psychogenic causes of potency are:

  1. Stress at work.Team problems, worries, dissatisfaction with their own work often lead to a decrease in libido. A man who returns home from an unloved job has no desire for intimacy. Solving the problem: taking control of the situation, resolving conflict situations, or looking for a new job. If the options listed are not appropriate, you can try to pursue a hobby in which the man realizes himself. In extreme cases, sedatives help to calm the nervous system.
  2. Misunderstanding in the familyis ​​the second problem. In family relationships, harmony and respect are built on trust between partners. If a man hides his problems from his partner, the situation gets worse. The solution lies in a conversation that helps with understanding.
  3. the effect of psychological causes on potency
  4. The monotony of intimate lifeleads to a decrease in libido and erectile function in regular partners. You can diversify your sex by traveling together to an unusual place, with new positions, role-playing games, all you have to do is turn on your imagination.
  5. Men’s
  6. prolonged lack of sexleads to psychological problems that consist of a failed mindset. If the problem alone does not resolve, seek the help of a sex therapist, as psychogenic erectile dysfunction may develop.
  7. The potency of men depends directly on the woman. A well-groomed, pretty, pleasant-looking, and warm-minded woman evokes a much stronger excitement than a cluttered, constantly scandalous man.
  8. Depressionis ​​an extreme degree of psychological problems. A man loses interest in life and the world around him, suicidal thoughts appear, fatigue increases and performance, insomnia, anorexia and weight loss decrease. At the same time, an erection disappears. The condition is treated by a specialist with the help of special pharmacological preparations.

Some psychotherapists believe that effectiveness is affected by the number of sexual partners.

The more short-term contact a person has, the worse he or she appears during an erection.

Psychological problems begin to appear in the Middle Ages, when sex "becomes boring" and ceases to be enjoyable.


The body has characteristics that affect a man’s effectiveness.

  1. Overweight. Obesity is characterized by the presence of excess adipose tissue in the body. Obesity, in addition to provoking the development of many internal organ diseases, causes an increase in female hormones in the blood. The process of aromatization of androgens to estrogens takes place in adipose tissue cells. Female hormones accumulate and cause even greater obesity, but with the localization of deposits on the face and thighs. In the mammary glands, the proliferation of glandular tissues begins, and gynecomastia develops. The volume can be one tone higher. Your libido will decrease and your erection will not be strong enough.
  2. what male content depends on
  3. Age. The testes of testosterone production peak at the age of 18-30. Until the age of 18, young men are adolescents, characterized by genital development and secondary sexual characteristics. From the moment of maturation until the age of 30, testosterone levels are highest in the blood of healthy men. From the age of 30, the function of the testicles begins to fade gradually, very slowly. After 50 years, half of androgens cost as much as at age 25. Human effectiveness depends directly on testosterone. The hormone stimulates the growth, development and normal functioning of the genitals, normalizes spermatogenesis, is responsible for the growth of body hair, sound and muscle growth, and also increases libido. In old age, erectile problems begin precisely because of a decrease in androgens.
  4. Genetic predisposition.Potency status is inherited, as is penis size. If the father and grandfather are highly efficient in old age, then the son and grandson are more likely to be the same.
  5. hypogonadismis ​​an insufficient level of testosterone in the blood. There are many reasons. These are congenital abnormalities of testicular structure, toxic damage, infectious, radiation. Pituitary hypogonadism is also isolated when there are problems with the synthesis of gonadotropic hormones by the pituitary gland.

Constitutional factors are the hardest to set. Proper lifestyle, use of products that stimulate efficiency and weight loss can help restore erectile function.

For genetic and testicular diseases, treatment is based on testosterone supplementation.


physiological causes of potency deterioration

The largest group of factors influencing potency.

  1. Bad habits. Smoking is the most harmful in terms of potency. A single smoked cigarette delivers a dose of nicotine that is enough for fifteen minutes to spasm the blood vessels in the body. It suffers, including the blood vessels that supply the organs of the pelvis. Smoking more than five cigarettes a day reduces efficiency by fifty percent compared to the norm. Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages has a beneficial effect on erection as vasodilation occurs, making it easier to fill the penis with blood. If a man suffers from alcoholism, it negatively affects his erection and especially his libido. Against the background of the desire for alcohol, the attraction to women disappears.
  2. Sports activitiesaffect efficiency in different ways. Swimming, running, yoga increases and stimulates erection. Cycling negatively affects testosterone synthesis due to prolonged squeezing of the testicles. Excessive weight training leads to the appearance of intervertebral hernias, which damage the blood vessels and nerves entering the pelvis, which can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  3. Regular sex life. Each has a different frequency for a certain amount of time. You don’t have to follow violence against yourself to prove your supermachar partner with your partner. Excessive sexual activity can lead to libido problems in the future.
  4. The degree of intercourse.Scientists keep the normal number of sexual acts of men between twenty-five and forty-five years, from 1 a week to 1 a day. The average number of intercourses per week is three times. But this indicator is unique. .
  5. the effect of nutrition on male potency
  6. Nutritionspecifically affects erectile function. Consuming products that increase masculinity will prevent future problems. Abuse of fried, fatty, fast foods triggers an increase in blood cholesterol levels and the development of atherosclerosis by the pelvic vessel. This is a problem of erectile erection and decreased libido.
  7. Inflammatory diseases of the genitals, especially the prostate gland. Prostatitis causes perineal pain, fever, erectile dysfunction and difficulty urinating. Treatment of prostatitis should be comprehensive, under the supervision of a urologist, then there is every chance to restore potency.
  8. diabetesis ​​a disease that significantly affects a man’s potential. Under the influence of large amounts of glucose in the blood, abnormal changes occur in vessels and nerves throughout the body. Men with diabetes suffer from insufficient genital sensitivity and poor blood circulation to the penis. Treatment is medication only, with the involvement of a urologist and endocrinologist.

Environmental factors

These are:

  • Ecology, which primarily affects testosterone synthesis and sexual desire levels.
  • Professional Services. Problems are usually experienced by sedentary workers. In drivers, the heated seat joins the stagnant processes of the prostate, which also negatively affects genital function. Programmers find it difficult to sit in one position for long periods of time. Erection decreases in men in leadership positions and causes psychogenic problems due to stress.

It is impossible to keep in mind and correct all the factors that affect erectile function. The most important thing is not to forget that what is good for the whole body is good for male strength.