Techniques that will help you quickly increase power at home

We will provide techniques that will help you quickly increase potency in men. But it should start not with advice, but with the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Causes of sexual disorders

  • Stressful situations, worries.
  • Obesity.
  • Heart disease (even simple pressure problems can negatively affect erection).
  • Sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity.
  • Insufficient levels of testosterone.
  • Injuries to the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine and pelvic region.
  • Addictions (smoking or alcohol abuse).
  • Age-related changes.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Excessive work, lack of sleep.

Ways that will definitely solve the problem

1. Do a simple massage

  • if you are worried about the lack of erection, squeeze the genitals at the base (imagine you are putting on a tourniquet), that squeeze is the main secret of the ancient peoples who were sexually active;
  • the grip is done at the time of erection, before putting on the condom;
  • can squeeze a penis with multiple fingers to cause a sharp outflow and flow of blood.
Squats to empower

2. Do pelvic gymnastics

Special exercises will ensure a constant blood flow to the intimate organs, which will lead to sexual activity and persistent erection. Below is a list of the most effective exercises:

  1. Squats. This is the standard way you raise and lower your body with your hands in front of you.
  2. While standing, bring your knees closer to your stomach, trying to keep your balance. You can put your hands on your waist.
  3. Lie on your back and place your palms comfortably on the floor. Slowly begin to lift your pelvis as high as possible and lower it just as gently, try not to lift your upper body off the floor.
  4. Lying flat, do the familiar pedaling exercise.
  5. In a horizontal position, begin to alternately tense and relax the perineum muscles, without attempting to tense the gluteal area. You will know that you are following the technique correctly if you feel a pleasant warmth in your intimate area.
  6. Running in place will also improve blood flow and cardiovascular health.

How long to do the exercises

The actions are simple and at the same time give a pronounced effect.Lifting the pelvisBeginners can spend only five minutes a day on this, then the time increases to ten minutes. The first results will be in a week, while gymnastics can be performed at any time of the day, it is better to do it before intercourse. The main secret is consistency.

3. Choose the correct position where blood does not drain from the penis

If you prefer the option when the lady is on top, you may lose your erection at some point, because in this position there is an outflow of blood. This is especially true for those who have already reached old age.

This is why practice positions where your torso is upright. For example, you can try the exciting position in which the woman is kneeling and the man is behind her, or the classic version in which the man is on top.

4. Kegel training of the pubic-coccygeal area

The Kegel muscle is precisely the part that we can strain to contain urination. It is this muscle that is involved in the erection process, it is the one that hardens your penis.

Here is the importance of this muscle:

  • Makes a man resistant during sex.
  • Responsible for blood flow to intimate organs.
  • It allows to increase the concentration of testosterone.
  • Sharpens the sensations during penetration.

Training this muscle will be useful even for those who have no problems in their intimate life.

Training functions

  1. Stop urinating on the toilet for a few seconds and then urinate again (this will help you remember where the muscle is).
  2. Tension and relax this area anywhere (you won't see it anyway).
  3. A man with a high concentration of testosterone.
  4. Don't allow your legs or abs to be tense, otherwise your technique will be compromised.

5. Increases blood flow to the penis

These are some recommendations:

  1. Get enough air and hold your breath.
  2. Hold the base of the penis with your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Continue without breathing and at the same time spread the blood over the entire area of ​​the penis with gentle movements of the fingers.
  4. Count to yourself, gradually increasing this time (avoid dizziness and improve well-being).
  5. No need to achieve sexual arousal, just focus on a healthy workout.
  6. This technique will alert your penis.

6. Use the tiptoe technique

When you go to the bathroom, stand on your toes when urinating. This technique was used by the Taoist people, who were famous for their wisdom.

The main nuance is that during this simple exercise, try to maintain a straight posture, while urinating, exhale slowly and measured. It is also recommended to tense the gluteal muscles during this movement.

The advantages of this technique are the following:

When you go to the bathroom
  • Normalization of kidney function.
  • Increase stamina during sexual intercourse.
  • Activation of erectile function.

7. Ejaculate sex less often

It doesn't matter if you masturbate or have sex with a partner, don't orgasm all the time. This rule is especially true for men who have already turned 50; After this age, ejaculation should be achieved as little as possible.

Youngsters recover quickly after each finale and are ready to perform new feats on the front lines of love. This is not the case for older men. By the way, by following this advice, you will last much longer and will be able to surprise your spouse with long-lasting and high-quality sex.

8. Go barefoot or use mustard plasters

Foot massage is used to activate specific points. You can just walk barefoot on grass or small pebbles, or use mustard plasters. Wet them and apply them on your feet, put wool socks on top. After 10 minutes, the mustard plasters can be removed, and the legs can be rinsed with cold water and rubbed with a towel. The procedure can be done immediately before sex, it will fill the lower body with blood, dilate the blood vessels and this is what you need for a reliable erection.

9. Strengthen your abdominal muscles

Trained abdominal muscles are one of the indicators of your endurance. Here are some tips to strengthen them:

  1. Sit on a chair or small bench.
  2. Place your hands on your knees.
  3. Raise your legs slightly.
  4. Start leaning back about 45 degrees and then return to the original position.
  5. Exercise every day as many times as you can.

10. Eat certain foods

The following foods increase male libido:

  • ginger;
  • blue fish;
  • ripe bananas;
  • citrus;
  • chicken breast;
  • shellfish, especially oysters;
  • veal;
  • nuts;
  • quail eggs.

11. Testicular massage is an excellent remedy for impotence

Sexual activity at any age
  • This is a sensitive area that stimulates testosterone production.
  • If libido is weak, massage the testicles regularly, every day.
  • It is also helpful to do this during sexual intercourse.
  • Regular massage can prolong your stamina and be sexually active at any age.

With this technique you will pleasantly surprise your beloved woman in bed!

12. Take medication

The pills work only on sexual arousal, so you must have a normal libido. They can only be consumed in adulthood.

13. Tinctures and herbs to enhance

  • Mix the onions with hot water and drink 100 ml of the broth after three hours. Take the product three times a day.
  • Grind walnuts with natural honey in equal proportions, take the mixture several times a day instead of dessert.
  • Pour 10 g of pulmonaria with a glass of boiling water, through the tea the infusion will be ready. Pour several times a day.
  • Buy a garlic tincture at a regular pharmacy and take 20 drops twice a day, preferably with food.
  • Dissolve the mummy powder in a tablespoon of plain water (just take 0. 16 g of the product). Drink in the morning or before bedtime, preferably on an empty stomach. Within a week you will notice the first results, as the mummy has a powerful tonic effect.
  • Tinctures and herbs to enhance.
  • Home remedies are excellent recipes for male strength that do not harm the liver. Make sure you are not allergic to herbs before using them.

14. Don't be afraid of the contrast shower

Alternating cold and warm water during water treatment has a beneficial effect on the immune system, general health, and reproductive organs. Alternate water for 40 seconds, cool gradually, hardening the body. A visit to the bathroom will also be beneficial, as it improves blood flow in the body.

Important: Before practicing regular contrast douches, consult a cardiologist, as changes in temperature can negatively affect the condition of the blood vessels.

15. Limit alcoholic beverages and quit smoking

Cigarettes promote vasoconstriction and alcohol, the production of female hormones. All this has a detrimental effect on sexual function, so it is better to abandon bad habits or reduce them to a minimum.

16. Get some rest

Try to get only positive emotions and don't hold your attention in negative situations. Here are some useful techniques:

  1. On your days off, try to be alone with yourself, you can go out of the city to nature, to a quiet and cozy place.
  2. Avoid fights and don't cause conflicts yourself.
  3. Resolve disagreements with your partner in time, constant conflicts in a partner do not have the best effect on an erection.
  4. Recreation
  5. Rethink your surroundings, especially if you are often nervous. Try to surround yourself only with optimists, avoid close contact with people who see everything from a negative perspective.
  6. You should not communicate with people who constantly complain about your life and take away your positive energy. If you feel that after talking with a friend your mood is constantly deteriorating, you feel depressed and tired, it is better to limit your contact with that person.

These are the basic techniques that will help you become the master of persistent potency at home. You can use these tips without a prescription, because they are completely safe.