Where is the G-spot in men?

Sharing the secrets of partner satisfaction and practices to help stimulate the G-spot

Most people know where the pleasure zone of women is and how to act accordingly. However, as soon as it comes to male physiology, women and men themselves get lost. . . Finding the G-spot in men is easier than you think.

G-spot: where is it

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It seems almost impossible to find it, but it is not. Finding it is very easy, for this you need to know the physiology or read this article. The male G-spot is close to the prostate. The prostate is located between the testicles and the anus. Some even have orgasms from stimulating the prostate. The fact is that many nerve fibers run through it. Stimulating them makes the blood move faster to the penis. It is a sensitive area that responds quickly to touch, causing erections in men. Many people do not know the G-spot in men and limit their partner to another pleasure.

How to stimulate the G-spot

You can squeeze, massage this place between the anus and the testicles. To give pleasure to your partner, use a lubricant for massage; it will increase the slippage and also give a pleasant warmth to the partner's hands. This will give you even more fun, so don't forget about the special tool.

The relaxing environment will help with the massage.

The movements should not be jerky and tight, but smooth and progressive - move your fingers in the direction of the anus to the scrotum and back, also, with light pressure, stimulate the area with circular movements. You can achieve the greatest effect if you insert two fingers into your partner's anus and feel for the prostate gland; it is located on the front wall of the rectum, about 4-5 cm from the entrance. True, a man is very likely to disagree with such an experiment. They are afraid of being "accused" of homosexuality.

If, however, the couple accepts an unusual massage, before the introduction you must make sure that the nails are that length so as not to hurt the man, the fingers are generously lubricated with lubricant; it is absolutely harmless to the body. Stimulate the prostate with similar movements. Some girls advise combining massage with oral sex to make the man feel as comfortable as possible.

Why is G-spot stimulation helpful?

After 35 years in some men, the prostate swells, enlarges and presses on the bladder from both sides. There is a problem with urination. This should not be neglected because prostate problems greatly affect sexual function. Men who have a slightly enlarged prostate suffer from decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation, and receive less pleasure from their sex life. Massaging the prostate helps reduce the risk of developing a tumor that will remove the prostate gland. It is better to avoid it so as not to damage the nerve fibers that, as we noted earlier, abound in this area. It happened that the removal of the tumor led to a violation or complete loss of erection. Eating blueberries is also beneficial for the prostate.

As you can see, the G-spot in men is not a myth. Prostate massage is useful not only for the satisfaction of the couple, but also to maintain their health. It is important to regularly examine the reproductive system to notice violations in time and eliminate them before going to the aid of a surgeon.