How to increase potency in men folk remedies

Most of the problems with the erectile function occurs in old age, however, the young boy happens to 'misfire' with the function. If a Person wants to make their own venom, and the tablets, a possible way out is to be a folk medicine. How to increase the potency of the men in the media-folk that, as soon as possible? In this case, the representatives of the stronger sex to need to get the most effective of the herbs in the food that is going to work is not the worse drug, in some cases, even better). Modern medicine offers us a large amount of the medicines to increase libido, but they always have a great list of side-effects. You can't apply for a certain group of people, but when people are mean, the contraindication is individual intolerance to the components of the infusions or decoctions. If they are easy to prepare at home, but the price will be a lot less of the medication from the pharmacy, in the use of the same for you.


What is the food of the plant, which is just as good for potency?

When a man is faced with problems in the sexual sphere, the impulse of his, the first is for the purchase of drugs. However, any doctor will tell you that there is a lot more useful, that is not a "grandmother's recipes", you make changes to your lifestyle, in the starting to eat right. If you would allow, albeit at a slower pace, but the faster that the water treatment of the diseases of the urinary tract, in the genital v system. of the eye. An exception may be only for the serious of the disease, for which there are no drugs you can do. If you have to support the treatment of folk remedies of the media, the diet of the different treatments, the recovery will come much faster. The use of these techniques in additional to a variety of diseases. With psychological problems it can also help you to relax in the relief of stress, however, it is important to choose the right recipe. The most useful of the power of the following foods herbs:

  • Cilantro. The name of the other spices – coriander, it saturates the body with nutrients, improves the secretion of the sebaceous glands, raises appetite, stimulate the flow of blood to the penis. Cilantro is used to prevent the prostatitis adenoma, it helps the sexual organs work better
  • Parsley. Is an immunostimulant, in the anti-inflammatory effect, removes toxins, cleanses the urinary tract, normalizes blood clotting, and in it contains the elements that are included in the vital areas of the process. It also inhibits the body's hormones – estrogen, it supports in good repair and that the condition of the skin
  • St. john's wort. It has antiseptic, analgesic, in the antihelminthic properties, it is helpful to expand the blood to be found within the state, in the completely filled with blood, the antidepressant effect. The herb successfully relieves spasms in the veins into the arteries, eliminates inflammatory processes in the sexual organs, but it is not possible to use it very often,
  • Nuts. They contain the essential for the normal functioning of the treatment of the diseases of the urinary tract, in the genital system of the elements which contribute to the process of spermatogenesis, the production of testosterone, enhance the activity of the brain
  • Med. It helps in impotency, is associated with the aging process, restores energy, strengthens resilience, improves the rheological properties of the blood. It is best to choose a product of beekeeping, which was made up of the herb-aphrodisiac (Jasmine, marjoram, Hid)
  • Ginseng. It is useful for the male characteristic of the of the roots. The restoration of the power, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, enhances sexual desire, heightens sensation during sexual intercourse, it provides a good blood circulation in the pelvis


Can be used for men, it is considered, fireweed, celery, Gingko biloba, berries, Rowan, in hawthorn, pumpkin seeds, nettle. Ginger etc, these products, which shows that the order of the tinctures in the decoctions, and in may sometimes a nutritious mixture of these.

Recipes folk remedies of the media

The effectiveness of The raising of the folk remedies of the media, it may be possible in the next few months, the only regular to take the boiled medicine. Some of the items to cook at all, there is no need in order to get the desired effect, for example, honey, or nuts. However, in combination with the other elements, which may be of even more benefit primesti. Before you use any of the below recipes, you should check with your doctor first, or will it be enough for your recovery. A weak flash, flaccid penis, lack of of prolonged erection is not a sentence to the sex life of the men, but it is a sign that the body is in need of in a man is the strength of the weak. There are a large number of medicines that a man can help to find the sex with a strong erection, but rather all of the disadvantages of the contra-indications, especially if the man is 30-40 years old. Drops the power to help not only get an erection right here and now, but also serve as a prevention of the accumulation of masculine power, which allows the man to remain sexually active for years!

Med. The honey itself is very useful for erectile function. It is a natural aphrodisiac – a substance that is a lot more powerful erections, increase the libido in the helps to prolong sexual intercourse. Between the food, there are a lot of other people, who share the same characteristics, however, it is difficult to mix with other articles of utility (for oysters, cicurina, bananas). Honey, However, it is also about the nuts, that is, mixed with the garlic, the herbs. So Here are a few effective tools:

  1. It takes up to 10 nuts, chop them to the core of the powder into a pour a half a glass of water. After 2 hours, strain the resulting liquid into the dilute it with 2 tablespoons of honey. The drink required during the day
  2. The same proportions of the blend of the honey from the ginger. Take ½ teaspoon 3 times a day before meals
  3. Similarly, the mix of carrot juice, in honey, drink it throughout the day

Another popular recipe requires a lot of a number of components:

  • 300 g chopped walnuts
  • 100 g of the hazelnuts
  • 50 g of the roots of Rhodiola rosea
  • Some of the rose hips
  • A head of garlic, boiled in a water bath
  • 1 kg of honey


All of the ingredients a good stir in the take 1 tablespoon to 2 hours after eating. It is especially useful for mixtures, it is considered that there is an older man.

Nuts. The data of the product – just a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, in, in, in particular, is necessary for the synthesis of testosterone, which in the selenium. With the help of the treatment of a variety of diseases, especially of the so-well-known for his influence on the potency. Is so popular, this is a recipe of the Oriental. Take a look:

  1. 200 grams of raisins, figs in prunes, 12 pieces of walnuts
  2. All of the components of chop, in a good mix, if you like, add a tablespoon of honey
  3. Store in the refrigerator, you can eat 2 tablespoons before going to bed

Includes a single recipe of 500 g of our product, 300 ml of honey in 100 aloe juice and 50 grams of a wipe in the dust, the root of the parsnip. So were a lot of mixed to eat a spoonful three times a day. You Can use not only the kernel, but the partition between them. So, on their own ground, and 2 tablespoons, pour over the 0.4 l of hot water. After that, the charge is 30 minutes for the filter to drink half a Cup 3 times a day, regardless of meals.

A chain of and . Just like the other products, which are no less useful in its pure form, as well as cooked. A tincture of iz For the preparation of the required for the preparation of 1 kg of peeled cloves in a bowl. In pour 0.5 liters of vodka, close the in-store in a dark place for a week or so. After that, take 1 tablespoon 20 minutes before eating. If you are contraindicated for alcohol, it is one of the folk medium of power:

The power of the

Multicomplex, is very effective due to the active ingredients. His study has shown the absence of side-effects in the assimilation of a high level, which leads to the current effect. The drops contain an extract of the guarana, L-arginine, glycine in magnesium - a substance that reduces the tension, improves the blood circulation in the pelvis, increasing the circulation of blood to the penis. The drug is suitable for the patients [made of crafts,] of the age.


  • 1 kg of fresh garlic, place in a glass jar
  • Fill no ' to the edge c of boiling water
  • Close the close in leave in a place where there is no sunlight, occasionally shaking
  • Drink 1 teaspoon in a glass of milk

It requires Following the method of preparation of the conversion chain, and, through in a meat grinder, the resulting slurry is no more than a minute to boil the wine in the white, in and then pour into a glass container in the refrigerator. Taking the drug for 1 teaspoon 20 minutes before meals, for a period of three days, and then it will pause for up to 10 days, in a repeat of the course in this skill. Also, try to add a product to the salads, the soups.

The lemongrass. It is one of the most effective erectile the plant to function according to the ginseng. In the preparation of the people's media-the legal performance enhancing in men schisandra is very commonly used by most of their fruits or seeds. They contain a variety of vitamins, trace the elements, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body, such as, vitamin E (prevents aging processes, which are necessary for the functioning of the endocrine the nervous systems), flavonoids (improves blood circulation, resist virus infections), zinc (involved in the production of testosterone, increase the resistance, it helps to get rid of the fatigue). Lemongrass can be Iz prepared

  1. In the powder form. Some of the berries are thoroughly dried, then pounded into the use of 1 g in the morning in the evening in the
  2. The tinctures. A few handfuls of berries pour 1 liter of vodka, close tightly in a leave for 2 weeks. Drink 30 drops prior to each meal
  3. The soup. To pour over 200 ml boiling water, schisandra 10 g, dried fruit, pokipyatit further for 10 minutes on low heat. Fun to drink 2-3 tablespoons a day
  4. Drink. Fresh berries, pour boiling water and insist 6 hours at a time. The drink of choice, mixed with honey, in sugar, drink tea instead of

If possible, the berries, store them in advance in the refrigerator, so that you can always make one of the recipes.

Epimedium. For another, the name of the plant – Epimedium, the more spermatogenesis, prevents premature ejaculation, activates the testes. The Epimedium plant is considered an aphrodisiac for therefore, it can increase the sex drive, the need. The Folk remedies of the media gorjanki both the iz and the properties of that process may normalize the blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, relieve migraine headaches, epileptic seizures. For the women, and a decoction of it is useful to drink during menopause. One of the most effective ones, both of the following: it is necessary to fresh-finely chop the leaves of the plants (30 g), fill them with boiling water, to insist half an hour. The drink the drink of the day, one before each meal. To increase strength, you can pour 15 g of dry grass with 250 ml of boiling water, hold the water bath for approximately 20 minutes to complete. Consequently, the soup to drink a teaspoon three times a day. That may be no longer than a week or so.

Ginseng. Of all the herbs to plant in the first place, for the convenience, so it is used in many medicines. Not to be used for therapeutic purposes, but also for the prevention of the impotence. However, make sure that you follow the dosing recipes, because, otherwise, there is ginseng harmful to people's health. The tincture of the plant as a dash of vodka in him:

  • Vodka no no no no No 1.20 g of crushed roots, pour 200 ml of vodka or 70% alcohol, allow to stand for 7 days. Drink 20 drops 2 times a day half an hour before meals
  • Vodka No. 2. The whole root pour 4 liters of vodka, leave in a cool place for 12 hours at a time. After doing this 3 times a day for an infusion drink, is 50 mg of
  • Without the vodka. Mix with 350 g of honey in ½ tablespoon of the root. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. To cook, to eat 1 tsp. three times a day, 30 minutes before meals

The duration of the treatment, not the smes is limited to 1-2 months, it would be better, in the sense that you discuss with your doctor consult.

The other recommendations of the

In folk medicine, not only for tips on how to prepare a variety of beverages in the reception of the bottle. The Folk of the media, the legal to increase the effectiveness of the treatment shall also be considered to reduce the contrast to a shower, packs in a number of different. Not for everyone, you may have some you can influence, but such events are not that difficult. The most popular water treatment:

essential oils

  1. Year-round baths. It helps to improve the circulation of blood in the abdomen, in the pelvis. Typically, in water add the decoction of the medicinal herb, but it can be done without them. It is recommended that you sit for about 5 minutes a day
  2. The contrast of the shower. Not only Useful for erection at the Overall health of the.
  3. The turpentine bath. The most obvious benefit, for those of us who, because of the poor quality of the suffering hero, in no more become pregnant. This session improves the circulation of the boosting the blood are to be found in the ease of cleaning of the seminal ducts. Add 5 ml of the emulsion of turpentine, the process can be repeated approximately 10 times. In the same way you would a bath with the mummy (the necessary raw materials to 10 mg)
  4. Sleeping in the bath tub. It helps because it allows you to relax all of the muscles of the. While leaving the tap with warm water, to prevent the common cold. The positive effect of men with psychological impotence
  5. Hardening of the. The easiest of these is located in a basin with cold water is circulated through the high raising of the knee for one minute. Immediately after the procedure, wearing a warm tights in stretch

While taking a bath in the water, you can also add the essential oil. Suitable For this purpose, the oils of geranium, thyme, cedar, sage. The second Method involves the use of ice, it is called "Georgian". You need to finely chop about 0.5 kg of ice, wrapped in a fold to 8-fold in the gaza strip, and in turn the nape of the neck apply the to the, to the edges of the heart and of the testicles. Repeat this 3-5 times on a daily basis.